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    46 python call web service công việc được tìm thấy, giá USD developed for Linux using Python. I already have python hosted with some modules install and already created two apps with restful web services using flask running at two base urls. i need the following to be developed. 1. one web service to be called passing a filename "[login to view URL]" as parameter, the web service will run/e...

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    ... -Manage Team -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key used OAuth2.0 (accessKey, Secret key) -Display Applications statistics (API Call count, Events History) -Billings -Payments gateways (Skills, PayPal, Neteller, Credit card (LemonWay Credit card payment API) -Order History -Subscription Plan -Required

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    ... -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key used OAuth2.0 (accessKey, Secret key) -Display Applications statistics (API Call count, Events History) -Billings -Payments gateways (Skills, PayPal, Neteller, Credit card (LemonWay Credit card payment API) -Order History

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    ...System is a Web-API system that enables the client to subscribe and unsubscribe to its service by using SMS API. The requirements are to create a Subscriber Management system to manage the relationship between [login to view URL] and customers from mobile operators (mainly: [login to view URL]). Where they can subscribe or unsubscribe to [login to view URL] service by se...

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    Addons in Python for screen reader I'm looking for someone available to manage and improve addons for NVDA screen reader here [login to view URL] To do this job you must download : [login to view URL] Must have: - 5 + year experience - example of similar work done before - extert in python - know how to

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    ...Management Services (EMS™) provides comprehensive email archiving, storage management and e-Discovery with the total continuity and recovery only available from a managed service. In addition, MessageOne’s AlertFind™ provides guaranteed emergency notification and escalation to help companies protect their employees during any crisis or disaster. Millions

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    Write some rest api Đã kết thúc left

    hi, i need to create a new python service. basically the service should has the following 1. web layer (can be php or phyton) 2. app layer (flask and extension) 3. call db layer (mysql) the app layer will contain the biz logic and has structure that easy to expand. e.g. 1. dao access layer 2. modules layer, for this project i just want

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    ...installations on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The position will provide administration services for existing, and provisioning of new cloud solutions and be a team player with other system administrators. Responsibilities: Deep understanding of operating system concepts, services, and security requirements for an on-line service. Must be able to work

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    ... 1) Web-based. We feel like this will accommodate our needs the best having the system built on a website, also allowing for better and easier customization and scalability. 2) Full integration to our phone system. We service we use have an API which can track and log call and much more. This needs to always be running and should update call logs

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    Hi, I am looking for a Python code that will help me to do the following: 1) Generate service calls based on data from csv file. Service link looks like: Url: [login to view URL], where 123 is an id. CSV has 10k of such ids. 2) Grab the json from the service output each time the service was called 3) Make a csv out of the data from 2.

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    ...Innovative solution we are developing is WiFi media Server where WiFi router is attached with hard disk and it will have Micro webserver which Streams Media and have REST based web service which will output JSON data for authentication or information exchange purpose. For Security purpose, we can’t provide content through Browser that’s why we want to develop

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    Hi, I would like a developer to create a python script/program to work on Raspberry Pi 2 using Windows 10 IoT or Raspian. the project is to connect an LCD screen to the RasPi 2 and use it as a pager to call next in line for a queuing system. As well as Button with USB extension to be connected and used for clicking for next in line instead of using

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    We are looking for a developer to build out an aggregator that will collect pricing and availability from 3rd parties via a call service and then organize them into a searchable category by pricing.  You will work with our senior architect to produce this. Type of application development required: New Application Integration requirements: Standalone

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    ..."text":..., "timestamp":... , "username":.... } to a fixed, predefined URL. This post shouldn't be with urllib2 but with an api python module of a certain popular web service I'll give you. The api usage is trivial, just to call [login to view URL](URL, json). The app should also have a standard user management, so that I as...

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    ...instructions: How do you open the port? Your PBX system is based on a Linux operating system. The firewall is based on iptables rule. To open web ports ssh into your PBX Run service iptables stop Run service fail2ban stop use your favorite editor like vi and edit / etc / sysconfig / iptables Find line that look like -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state

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    ...PDF when a customer decides to buy our service, startup mail when we register a payment from a customer, etc.). The architecture will be that postgres functions that have decided to send an email, will store an "action" in the "actions" table. The purpose of this task will be to read the actions table and call an apropriate [login to view URL] action based

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    ...related to web scraping In your bid, also reply to the following question: Do you speak English fluently? And if so would you be open to talking by voice on Skype regarding the requirements? Keywords (ignore this section): Staffing Managers English Windows XP Office Email MS Word Search Engine Optimization Telephone Call Center

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    ...(e.g.,Google Map). The code must work within a Java Bean in a J2EE framework. If you cannot find a Java solution, we will consider other solutions such as a Perl script, Python script, or Javascript. If you identify a script type solution, you must provide an interface solution such that the script can be called from our Java Enterprise Bean and

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    This is a web app which does configuration of Telecom Service provisioning server. Technology stack: Client side - HTML5, jquery Server side - Python 3.4 with web frameworks. We are looking for application to be developed in Python 3.4 only. We need to this app to be a scalable app, which should support 1000 HTTP session, do you have good expertise

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