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    Tôi đang cần - Viết phần mềm proxy server (quản lý bằng licsence):- Nhận và quản lý USB 4G kết nối vào server (tên thiết bị, imel,nhãn,signal, nhà mạng), điều khiển thiết bị USB 4G (reboot, sms, ussd) - Tạo Proxy (http/sock) ipv4/ipv6 từ các USB 4G (đổi ip, xác thực proxy = user:pass/ip_allow) - Quản lý và theo dõi trạng thái Proxy (tốc độ, băng thông) - Ghi lại nhật ký/ lưu lượng của từng proxy - Mở API để bên thứ 3 kết nối

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    cần code verilog theo bài báo này

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    Chúng tôi Urban Lighthouse, một công ty công nghệ New Zealand đang phát triển phần mềm cho ngành quản lý bất động sản. Chúng tôi có tham vọng tăng trưởng và hiện đang xây dựng đội ngũ lập trình viên (Developer) để...viên (Developer) để xây dựng và mở rộng bộ sản phẩm phần mềm của chúng tôi. Chúng đang tìm một Android Developer. Nếu điều này nghe có vẻ thú vị với bạn, vui lòng hoàn thành bài tập ngắn kèm theo (bạn sẽ được trả tiền cho thời gian của bạn). Sau đó, chúng tôi sẽ tổ chức một cuộc trò chuyện nhanh sau đó chúng tôi sẽ bắt đầu dự án thực...

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    Assessment Title & Description: Creating a Project Management Plan Based on a case study of your choice, identify and produce a project management plan for a technical/software project that you, as a team, select. The project should be at initiation stage and be implementing change, the project will be adding new services or product. You must be able to establish specific project objectives. The project must have a requirement for different project resources, including people. It is important to balance the selection of a project with sufficient complexity and size to clearly demonstrate the team’s understanding of and ability to apply the project management concepts, models, tools, and techniques that you have studied on this course. The project chosen can be curre...

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    Task description: Your task is to integrate any system, e.g. an online store, with a warehouse management system in order to optimize the management of product availability in the online store based on the s...Testing - Test the integration, including scenarios such as updating stock, placing online orders, managing conflict and error issues. Documentation - Prepare technical documentation and user manuals so that others can understand and use this integration. Presentation - Present your solution to a class or lecturer, explaining how it works and why integration is important in an enterprise context. Assessment: Your assignment will be graded based on: Documentation - Have you provided sufficient technical documentation? Presentation - Did you explain your solution clearly and con...

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    I will complete Step 1 to Step 3 of the file provided. Step 1: programming a device (ESP32) as a transmitter and another device (ESP32) as a receiver. Step 2: the transmitter continuously transmits beacon frames over diffe...of the file provided. Step 1: programming a device (ESP32) as a transmitter and another device (ESP32) as a receiver. Step 2: the transmitter continuously transmits beacon frames over different sub-carriers which are modulated through any modulation technique with a specified frequency, amplitude, and phase and the receiver receives the signal and be able to extract the received frequency, phase, and amplitude of the received signal. Step 3: live visualisation (plots) of the changes in frequency, phase, and amplitude over different sub-carriers.

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    I am looking for a designer to create a modern and minimalist logo for my email signature. The logo should help customers recognize that we are EWS (external wall survey) assessors. Skills and Experience: - Experience in logo design - Proficiency in creating modern and minimalist designs - Understanding of the EWS (external wall survey) assessment process and the EWS1 form for buildings below 18m Specific Requirements: - The logo should be modern and minimalist in style - It should incorporate the EWS1 form to represent our work as assessors - The color palette should be neutral to maintain a professional and timeless look Please provide examples of your previous logo designs that showcase your skills in creating modern and minimalist designs.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a app that will connect to the OpenAI API and generate business assessment reports. The app should have the following specific features: - User authentication and registration to ensure secure access to the app. - A form builder for easy data input, allowing users to input both text and numerical data. - Report generation and export functionality to provide users with comprehensive assessment reports. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in: - Developing apps and integrating APIs. - Implementing user authentication and registration systems. - Building form builders for data input. - Generating reports and exporting data. In terms of design and layout, I am open to suggestions. I do not have a specific desig...

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    1. We will provide you with the use case and the test data. 2. You can either create a model or take model from the internet, we just need the solution with test cases and template with test cases that serves the purpose of assessment. 3. You need to train the model using the test data for the test case provided by us either by using deep learning or machine learning as per our requirement. Avoid using GPT. Please see the attachment for more info

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    ...described in the “Technology Description” section below. <Technology Description> This technology is a technology that predicts the color of the traffic signal when a vehicle enters an intersection. One of the problems that can be expected when predicting the color of the traffic signal when a vehicle enters an intersection is that the color of the traffic signal at the time of entering the intersection may not be accurately predicted if the vehicle accelerates or decelerates before the intersection. To solve this problem, this technology predicts the change in vehicle speed before the intersection and predicts the color of the traffic signal at the time of entering the intersection by considering the predicted change in vehicle speed. Plea...

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    ...Python code in Jupyter notebooks to showcase sample visualizations on the Anvil front end. The following features also need to be integrated into the application: • Implementation of Anvil's built-in user authentication for user sign-up and log-in. • Establishment of a log-out mechanism triggered by user inactivity (via customized JavaScript code). • Integration of user analytics for activity assessment (e.g., through Google Analytics). Requirements: In addition to expertise in the Python Anvil framework, the ideal freelancer should possess proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as customized code in these formats may be required, necessitating experience in these technologies. The budget allocated for this project is $100AUD. Interested freelancers are r...

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    essay written 6 ngày left

    ...provides an interesting perspective/insight/analysis about the story. Summarize the author’s analysis and perspective of ideas (provide at least THREE points/quotes from the article) that stick out and that you never noticed. You can expand on whether you agree or disagree with that analysis. **You must quote and paraphrase from your source, as well as provide in-text citations. You must use correct signal phrases and parenthetical citations. See the sheet I have uploaded regarding how to cite correctly. You must find the literary analysis from one of the two databases I have provided. You cannot use articles from online. If the article is NOT from these databases, it will not be graded. Library databases to use: Blooms Literature and Literature Resource Center. Click on th...

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    I am looking for a programmer who can create an automated robot in Python for binary options trading. The robot will track and copy signals from my Telegram channel. The ideal candidate should have experience with the martingale strategy. Functionality: - The robot should be able to copy and execute trades based on the signals received from my Telegram channel. - It should monitor market conditions and execute trades accordingly. Martingale Strategy: - We require basic customization of the martingale strategy. Broker: - The preferred broker to use is quotex. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language. - Experience with creating automated trading robots. - Knowledge of the martingale strategy. - Familiarity with quotex broker is a plus. Please provide examples ...

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    ...Description: We seek an experienced freelance consultant to assist our company in obtaining FSSC 22000 certification. The consultant will guide us through the certification process, ensuring our systems and processes comply with FSSC 22000 standards. Due to current constraints, the project will conduct audits via video calls and other remote communication methods. Responsibilities: Initial Assessment: Conduct a preliminary review of our current food safety management systems. Identify gaps and areas for improvement to meet FSSC 22000 requirements. Planning and Implementation: Develop a detailed plan for aligning our processes with FSSC 22000 standards. Provide guidance on implementing necessary changes in procedures, documentation, and staff training. Documentation Review: ...

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    I am seeking a financial analyst who can provide assistance in the insurance domain. The ideal candidate should have experience in financial modeling, risk assessment, and data analysis. Tasks: - Financial modeling - Quarterly results Report management - Expertise in Excel - Tableau/Alteryx - Cash flow statement analysis - Risk assessment - Data analysis Reporting: - A detailed report of the financial modeling is required. - Visual aids should be included in the report. Deadline: - The deadline for this project is more than 2 weeks.

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    ...project. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in supervised learning algorithms and techniques - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R - Experience in working with large datasets and data preprocessing - Ability to analyze and interpret data to develop accurate predictive models - Familiarity with evaluation metrics and techniques for model performance assessment The purpose of this project is to develop a machine learning model that can accurately predict certain outcomes based on given inputs. Requirements: - Develop a supervised learning model using the provided dataset - Preprocess and clean the dataset to ensure data quality and accuracy - Train the model using appropriate algorithms and techniques - Evaluate and fine-tune the mode...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a Forex EA that will take signals from a telegram group. Programming Language: Python Criteria for Signal Execution: The EA should be able to execute signals based on specific criteria provided by me. Signal Checking Frequency: The EA should check for signals in real-time on the telegram group. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience in developing Forex EAs - Knowledge of telegram API for retrieving signals - Understanding of Forex trading strategies and criteria for signal execution

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    Expert Trader For Trading for me 5 ngày left

    ...Strategy: I am open to the trader's expertise and trust their judgement in executing trades for me. Risk Preference: I am comfortable with a moderate level of risk, expecting a moderate return on investment. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in Forex trading, with a solid understanding of market trends and analysis. - Ability to make informed decisions based on market conditions and risk assessment. - Proficiency in using trading platforms and tools to execute trades efficiently. - Strong communication skills to regularly update me on the progress and performance of the trades. - Ability to adapt to changing market conditions and adjust the trading strategy accordingly. If you are a skilled Forex trader with a successful trading history and can work independent...

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    Analog and digital signal processing -- 2 5 ngày left

    Need u tutoring for the subject analog and digital signal processing

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    FlowMeter101 5 ngày left

    Ultrasound Algorithm Description: Input: The input to the Algorithm is an output of an ultrasonic water flow sensor which is an audio signal. Algorithm: The needed algorithm should find the flow rate of the water from the input audio. It is the calculated flow rate. Output bench: The calculated flow rate will compare to measured flow rate from a scale (which is derivation of the weight). Accuracy: Absolute accuracy of the flow rate is less important. The relative accuracy, the changes of the flow rate, must be high as possible. Samples files: Couples of files consist of an audio file (Samples rate up to 11000/Sec) with matched weight file from a scale (Samples rate=10/Sec). We will provide couples’ files as required.

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    Make an voltage based alarm system 5 ngày left

    ...between 0.5V-1.2V and .2ma-.8ma. 3/ If the output is connected to a computer running Tru RTA a spectrum analyzer the signal can be easily measured. 4/ The same signal fed into an analogue filter will not function. Requirements: - Voltage Range: The alarm system should be designed to detect voltages within the range of 0-5V. - Alarm Signals: The system should have the capability to produce audible and visual alarm signals or only an audio or visual - The alarm should be such that it either will activate above a set voltage and disappear below or the reverse - Audible Alarm: The audible alarm signal should be loud enough to be heard. - Visual Alarm: The visual alarm signal should be an LED and easily noticeable . - Commercial Use: The alarm system is pri...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an Employee KPI scorecard for a large Australian Agricultural Business. The scorecard will be used for up to 100 staff on a bi-annual basis. The scorecard will need to pull together a mix of both: - subjective metrics (manual assessment by a manager) - objective data points (from a variety of excel reports) The KPI scorecard should report on an employee performance across 14 different categories including: Quality Cultural Fit Final Reports Productivity Efficiency Leave Planning Client Interaction Travel Record Sheets Admin Compliance (Connx/Concur) ANOVA App Logging Safety The scorecard should follow a specific format and layout, as I already have an existing template in mind. Coverage: - Up to 100 employees Ideal skills and experien...

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    ...Compensation: Evaluators will receive the product for assessment along with a $6 honorarium for their valuable insights. Requirements: Passion for home decor and an interest in innovative lighting solutions. Ability to provide constructive and detailed feedback within a specified timeframe. The location is in the United States. Currently, we are only looking for reviewers within the U.S. who can receive the product. Application Process: If you are enthusiastic about home décor and possess a critical eye for product evaluation, we’d love to hear from you! Please apply by expressing your interest and sharing a brief overview of your relevant experience. We look forward to welcoming passionate evaluators to join us in this exciting assessment!...

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    Messenger chat with payment options 5 ngày left

    Hello We are looking for someone who can create a messenger CHAT for us with payment functions to send money by phone and to pay and create API so that the USEr can also add crypto wallet. Call options - switch camera, microphone or view Screen sharing with Signal desktop calls Schedule a message on messenger Android Stories Entertainment colours, backgrounds and design Set and manage disappearing messages Data usage options (WLAN & mobile) Note to me Archive or unarchive conversations In-app payments Proxy support Show in suggestions Incognito keyboard Change phone number View message details Group link or QR code Edit a group Delete for all @ mentions in groups Memory management Font size options Language settings Mark as unread Forward Pin or unpin conversations Share media ...

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    ...algorithms (e.g., Kalman filter) to ensure precise weight measurements. Design and integrate user interface components for seamless interaction and display of weight readings. Conduct rigorous testing and calibration to guarantee accuracy and stability under varying conditions. Requirements: Proficiency in embedded C/C++ programming for microcontrollers, specifically STM32 series. Strong knowledge of signal processing techniques, particularly in implementing filters for noise reduction in weight measurements. Experience in hardware-software integration and sensor interfacing. Familiarity with testing methodologies and calibration processes for precise measurement systems. Additional Details: Deliverables: Clear documentation, including system design, user manuals, and calibratio...

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    VST Audio Plugin to be created 4 ngày left

    ...plugin should be an effects processor, specifically focusing on compression. Looking to create a simple LA-2A to begin with and expand from there. Key Requirements: - Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems - Experience in developing VST audio plugins - Strong knowledge of audio signal processing and compression algorithms - Proficiency in programming languages such as C++ or JUCE The ideal candidate will have prior experience in developing audio plugins and a deep understanding of audio signal processing techniques. Additionally, knowledge of popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and familiarity with industry-standard VST plugin development frameworks like JUCE would be highly advantageous. The plugin should include the following functionalities: - C...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me delete old sent messages on Signal from the other person's mobile device. Requirements: - Access to the other person's mobile device is not available. - The reason for deleting the messages is for personal reasons. - Communication with the person is not possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Signal messaging app. - Knowledge of mobile device security and data management. - Ability to develop a solution that can remotely delete messages without physical access to the device. - Understanding of privacy concerns and the importance of data protection. From Signal official page they say: What do I do if I only see the option to delete for me? -Confirm you're selecting a message you have sent....

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    ...class reminders, and upcoming events. Allow users to customize notification preferences. 5. Progress Tracking: Include a feature for students and parents to track progress. Display grades, attendance records, and feedback from teachers. 6. Practice Tools: Integrate practice tools such as metronome, tuner, and sheet music viewer. Allow students to record and save their practice sessions for self-assessment. 7. Communication: Enable direct messaging between students, teachers, and parents. Include discussion forums or chat groups for each course. 8. Virtual Lessons: Integrate video conferencing tools for virtual lessons. Provide a virtual classroom environment with whiteboard and screen-sharing capabilities. 9. Resources Library: Create a repository for educational resources s...

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    Convert website to app 4 ngày left

    I want to convert this website, to an app web view app I want to add a feature that allows users get notifications for every time they make a deposit and send out money from their wallet , Also add a feature from one-signal that allows me send notifications to users Lastly I want to have the name of the app has kulchoice

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    I am looking for a qualified developer who can copy and modify the script on the TradingView platform. The current functionality of the script has been expanded, but I need to add some additional functions to it, namely: so that when the conditions for crossing or touching the channel lines are met, the indicator gives a signal for which you can set up a notification in trading view Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in the TradingView and Pine Script platform - Experience working with advanced script functionality - Deep understanding of productivity improvement methods - The ability to add new functions to existing scripts - Attention to detail and error correction skills Timeline: - The desired completion time for this project is 1-2 weeks.

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    ...performance. I attached the html code i need the bot like this and which look pretty’s good ? Specific requirements for the app include: - Integration with various cryptocurrency exchanges to gather real-time data - Ability to analyze the data and generate accurate signals for buying or selling cryptocurrencies - Customizable options for users to define their own conditions and strategies for signal generation - User-friendly interface that allows for easy monitoring and management of signals - Reliable and fast execution of trades based on the generated signals Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Strong knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and trading strategies - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or JavaScript - Experience with bot deve...

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    bone age assessment 3 ngày left

    Bone Age Assessment Project using Matlab - Purpose: Medical diagnosis and study - Technique preference: Radiographic (X-ray) - Need for written report: Yes We are looking for a skilled professional to assist us with a bone age assessment project. The purpose of this project is to conduct a medical diagnosis through the use of radiographic (X-ray) techniques. Key Requirements: - Expertise in bone age assessment using radiographic techniques - Proficient in analyzing and interpreting X-ray images for accurate diagnosis - Ability to produce detailed written reports summarizing the findings Ideal Skills and Experience: - Medical background or experience in the field of radiology - Strong knowledge of bone development and growth patterns - Familiarity with bone age ...

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    I'm currently seeking a writer to research and compose a "how-to" eBook spanning over 7,000 words. My budget for this project is $70 USD, and payment will be made in full upon completion with no upfront fees. The deadline for the project is 14 days from acceptance. Upon completion, I will acquire full rights to the eBook and its content. To apply, kindly share sa...seeking a writer to research and compose a "how-to" eBook spanning over 7,000 words. My budget for this project is $70 USD, and payment will be made in full upon completion with no upfront fees. The deadline for the project is 14 days from acceptance. Upon completion, I will acquire full rights to the eBook and its content. To apply, kindly share samples of your previous work for a better as...

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    circuit design 3 ngày left

    Circuit Design for Personal Project I'm in need of someone that can help me design n pcb board that has a esp32 and 4 relays and 4 max 6675 for thermocouples on it also has an output for a small LCD screen to add to the board attach is a file of an esp32 board with 4 relays basically just need to add the ...add to the board attach is a file of an esp32 board with 4 relays basically just need to add the max 6675 and the LCD connector As well as a photo what I currently have Requirements: - Open to suggestions for specific circuit design - Intended for personal project use Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in circuit design for personal projects - Knowledge of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuit design - Ability to provide guidance and suggestions for circuit...

    $145 (Avg Bid)
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    ...euro credit in Poland. Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience in providing loan assistance services - Knowledge of the banking and financial institutions in Poland - Familiarity with the process of organizing euro credit - Ability to understand and assess credit risk Specific Requirements: - Provide guidance and assistance in obtaining euro credit - Assist in the process of credit risk assessment - Help with debt restructuring, if needed Preferred Bank or Financial Institution: - No specific preference, open to working with any bank or financial institution Timeline: - The project needs to be completed within a short-term timeframe, within 1 month. Please provide your experience and expertise in organizing euro credit in Poland, along with any recommendations for banks ...

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    Hardware coding 3 ngày left

    So I have been working on this project with EEG signals where I give stimulus to a mouse in the form of motor and light generated signals control via arduino. I record EEG data with and without this external stimulus....motor and light generated signals control via arduino. I record EEG data with and without this external stimulus.I have the code to analyse the EEG data in the absence of this stimuli but I need help in synchronization of the stimuli to the EEG signal derived from a mouse. I want to measure the phase delay correspending to the stimuli The EEG data that I record is through a open source software Open Ephys The data of stimuli comes through one channel and the EEG data comes through another 5 channels So basically, I need to segregate one wave signal on the b...

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    Website and application 3 ngày left

    Project Title: Hedging Application Development Overview: We are seeki...Overview: We propose the development of a comprehensive hedging app aimed at assisting SMEs in managing currency risks associated with their transactions. The app will provide functionalities for risk assessment, automated hedging execution, and secondary hedging strategies to mitigate financial exposures. • Use case and user story creation. 2. Design and Prototyping: • Wireframing, UI/UX design, and clickable prototype development. 3. Development Phase: • Front-end and back-end development. • Integration with APIs (currency rates, trading platforms). • Algorithm implementation for risk assessment and recommendation. 4. Testing and Quality Assurance: • Unit testing...

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    Develop logical equations based on given specifications. Design gate-level schematics to meet all specifications. Utilize CMOS logic to create transistor-level schematics for all logic gates. Calculate W/L ratios for each MOSFET based on transient performance. Determine mid-point voltage, rise time, and fall time for each unique logic gate. Calculate capa...gate-level schematics to meet all specifications. Utilize CMOS logic to create transistor-level schematics for all logic gates. Calculate W/L ratios for each MOSFET based on transient performance. Determine mid-point voltage, rise time, and fall time for each unique logic gate. Calculate capacitances considering parasitic capacitance values. Prepare a floorplan for layout, considering gate locations, signal distribution, and pad ...

    $18 - $150
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    $18 - $150
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    Project for S K. 6 ngày left

    Hi S. K., I would like to offer you a project for testing the user interface for our user studies on subjective image quality assessment

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    Ethical hacker 3 ngày left

    Project Title: Ethical hacker I am looking for an ethical hacker who can assist me with penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and social engineering for my Instagram account. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in ethical hacking and cybersecurity - Proven track record of successful past work in similar projects - Ability to provide detailed project proposals outlining the approach and methodology - Familiarity with Instagram's security features and vulnerabilities - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills Access Level: The freelancer should be able to gain access independently without any provided access credentials. Please include your past work and experience in your application.

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    help with property tax 3 ngày left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with appealing my property tax assessment in a suburban area. The deadline for resolving this issue is within 1 month. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in property tax laws and regulations - Experience in successfully appealing property tax assessments - Knowledge of the specific property tax laws and regulations in suburban areas

    $15 - $25 / hr
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    $15 - $25 / hr
    14 lượt đặt giá

    ...levels, particularly yeast and molds, in concentrated tea products. The analysis should include identification and quantification of these microbes, as well as any potential risks they pose to the product's quality and safety. Key Deliverables: - Detailed report on the microbial contamination levels in the concentrated tea samples - Identification and quantification of yeast and molds present - Assessment of potential risks associated with the detected microbial contamination - Recommendations for mitigating and preventing future contamination issues The freelancer should have access to a well-equipped microbiology laboratory and be able to perform the necessary tests and analyses. They should also have expertise in interpreting and presenting the results in a clear and co...

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    assess a mining project Đã kết thúc left

    Project Title: Assess a Mining Project in BC. I am looking for someone to assess a mining project and advise on whether or not it should be categorized as an industrial mineral mine or a mineral mine IAW with appendix 3 of the reviewable projects regulation of BC. The project is currently in the approval process stage. Focus: - The only focus of this assessment is to advise on whether or not the mining project should be categorized as an industrial mineral mine. Ideal Skills and Experience: - The ability to determine what category the mine should fall under, based on the predominant mineral being mined as based on an assay we will provide. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can provide recommendations based on my goals and objectives, please submit y...

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    22 lượt đặt giá, optimizing descriptions and tags, managing comments and engagement. - Promotions and Aweber automation: Creating and executing promotional campaigns, setting up automated email sequences using Aweber. copywrite roughly written blurbs for weekly marketing--good non-fiction writing skills, speaks clear English. Occasionally set up software--easy type. Good attitude, weekly reports and assessment of finished projects. - Amazon PPC marketing: Managing Amazon PPC campaigns, optimizing keywords, monitoring performance, and implementing strategies to increase sales. - Social media marketing: Creating and scheduling posts, engaging with social site followers, managing social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. - WordPress upda...

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    ...permission-based access for specific community groups. 11. Smart Matchmaking Algorithm: Technical Implementation: • Use machine learning libraries (TensorFlow, Scikit-learn) to build recommendation models. • Analyze user behavior and project data for better matching algorithms. • Periodically retrain models for improved accuracy. 12. Skills Verification and Badging: Technical Implementation: • Develop assessment tests for skill verification. • Use badges or levels in user profiles based on test scores or achievements. • Store verification data securely and link it to user profiles. 13. Enhanced Project Previews: Technical Implementation: • Implement a limited preview feature using HTML5 and secure tokens. • Store preview data separately fro...

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    Code for EEG analysis 3 ngày left

    I am looking for a skilled programmer to develop code for EEG analysis using Python. The main purpose of the code will be signal processing. I will provide the specific EEG data set for the project. Requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience in signal processing - Familiarity with EEG data analysis Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills in Python - Knowledge of signal processing techniques - Experience in analyzing EEG data sets

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    Objective: Develop an application system that allows a PC to remotely control multiple Android phones simultaneously. Primary Features: Remote Unlocking: Function: Unlock multiple Android phones simultaneously from a PC application with a single click. Implementation: The PC app sends a signal to all connected phones to unlock their screens. Synchronized Actions: Function: Whatever action is performed on the PC app is replicated on all connected phones. For example, if a Word document is opened and edited on the PC app, the same document opens and updates in real-time on all connected phones. Implementation: Establish a real-time connection between the PC app and the phones to mirror actions. App Launch Synchronization: Function: When a specific app (e.g., a game named ABC) is ...

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    21 lượt đặt giá what BetterUp does. Requirementes are: 1. User Registration and Authentication - Allow users to register with the platform using their email or social media accounts. - Implement a secure authentication system to protect user accounts and data. 2. Personality Assessment: - Include a personality assessment questionnaire for new users during the registration process. - Utilize validated personality assessment tools to evaluate users' work profiles. - Generate a short summary or profile based on the assessment results to provide users with insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and potential career paths. 3. User Profiles: - Create separate profiles for individuals, coaches, and HR managers. - Enable users to input and manage ...

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