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    Resume search portal 6 ngày left

    ...- Candidate the employee will have option to search the site for resume with no contact info, only after paying will have the contact info display. this is the color, design and search, it will be modification and I don't need all options that has on this site, the resume has to be searchable (ITS A MUST) No word press, the platform and portal has to

    $604 (Avg Bid)
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    26 lượt đặt giá
    Web Scraping 6 ngày left

    Scrape website for data and save it to a searchable excel file. See attached documents for screen shots.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá

    Hi developers, I have an urgent!!! project. This project needs to be finished today!!!! Please make sure you can finish today. Needed developer skills: - WordPress - ACF - Google Maps - CPT UI In a custom WordPress theme i have created a Google Map which displays a Custom post type with ACF fields. I need an search field in the Google Maps that can search through all the custom post types that...

    $47 (Avg Bid)
    $47 Giá đặt trung bình
    12 lượt đặt giá

    ...Video viewer depending the file format selected by the user; - Option to upload more than one digital object on every item; - Extract text from PDF and add to database to searchable; - Add a Elastick search plugin; - Import data with a cronjob from another database I have with information already; - Add option to creat a view later on every item; - Hide

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    47 lượt đặt giá

    Hi arif65sl, I got your link. I'd like to start discussing the site. I'm hoping I can be live in 2-3 weeks. I don't know if that works with your time frame. Also I'm not sure what the cost will be for my site, so please let me know. If you have any templates to suggest that have the schedule function I need. Where I can make a monthly calenadar of

    $175 (Avg Bid)
    $175 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá
    Data Entry 2 ngày left

    I'm looking for a book keeper to enter receipts and checks into an excel sheet. All receipts are scanned in high resolution searchable PDF file. The following information are needed: Invoice/Receipt Date, Vendor Name, Total Amount and any comments written on the receipt (like if paid with check #, or Credit Card, etc). All Checks need to be entered

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 Giá đặt trung bình
    77 lượt đặt giá

    I need to add into a dynamic search into an exi...need to add an empty state - no data table display until I start a query regular state - data table error state - a sentence appear is no ID is match Reminder - only ID is searchable. You can't search by names. Also, you can't display all information by default. It's illegal. It's one ID at the time.

    $123 (Avg Bid)
    $123 Giá đặt trung bình
    16 lượt đặt giá

    An API service which takes PDFs as input and reads/extracts the words from PDFs and stores in Elastic Search Engine with other meta details like authors, date, reference number, publisher, etc. An api service which take words as an input query with and/or condition, which in turn should be searched in Elastic Search and return the result with document, page-number, author, publisher etc. Perfor...

    $471 (Avg Bid)
    $471 Giá đặt trung bình
    8 lượt đặt giá


    $1369 (Avg Bid)
    $1369 Giá đặt trung bình
    15 lượt đặt giá

    ...which users will post to show their Fintech product - Ability to meet all GDPR rules - click/usage stats (searchable /compilable in a CSV file) Looking for skills - Java v8-9 - Spring Framework (IOC, ORM, JPA, JDBC) - SQL & NoSQL MongoDB - REST/Web services API experience - basic graphic design - Cloud integration And front end good skills in JavaScript

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    21 lượt đặt giá
    I need a website built for me. Đã kết thúc left

    I need an Estate Agents website built for me. The website needs to be able to add properties on it and also needs to be searchable by the visitor. The website needs to be reposive and smooth. I also need regular updates on the job and need this completed ASAP Please message me regarding this Job

    $185 (Avg Bid)
    $185 Giá đặt trung bình
    31 lượt đặt giá
    New Messaging App Đã kết thúc left

    Am looking to have a messaging app create. You must be able to exchange messages, images, and videos and ...have notifications popup on phone/device. The app will need to auto fwd messages sent through the app to a mobile device for each user. The messages will need to be text searchable. Will need to be able to make calls between users in the app.

    $695 (Avg Bid)
    $695 Giá đặt trung bình
    60 lượt đặt giá 10% Payments are executed after acceptance for each phase. File souces / Input: scanned files in PDF & TIFF format, multipages Output: PDF/A file and DOCX file, searchable - that keeps formating, sectipns, tables and images. Convert to PDFA should pe executed like in any scanner that saves to PDFA or adobe acrobat. Testing: we will send 50

    $148 (Avg Bid)
    $148 Giá đặt trung bình
    18 lượt đặt giá

    Convert 2800 scanned pages pdf to searchable pdf (OCR) Sample pages are in attachment.

    $673 (Avg Bid)
    $673 Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá

    Hi, Looking for an experienced developer who is ready to build a website on + iOS & Android app. It is a product-based news blog and searchable product news database for visitors to find news they need. There will be 4 news categories Each category will be divided to more couple subcategories. I - as an editor-  need to assign type1 news

    $4409 (Avg Bid)
    $4409 Giá đặt trung bình
    117 lượt đặt giá
    RealEstate Website - Generic Đã kết thúc left

    Hi friends, I would like to have a website like magicbricks/99acers/anyother typical real estate website model working and up in next few days. 1. Like any real estate site, it owner/individual/builder should be able to post the property. 2. Anyone who is registered can view the contact details, apart from that any individual can view all the property

    $174 (Avg Bid)
    $174 Giá đặt trung bình
    92 lượt đặt giá

    I am looking for someone to submit my ebook to as many ebook repositories as possible. I don't have list of repositories. You must provide the list of repositori...repositories. You must provide the list of repositories you'll submit my ebook to and the login accounts. You must also tell me what information/meta data you need so my book is searchable.

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Giá đặt trung bình
    11 lượt đặt giá
    Website Initial Design & Build Đã kết thúc left

    ...borders left and right if and when required and must be able to be removed at any time. Website will contain listings for a number of various categories, these listings must be searchable by all attributes, must be able to contain additional information if required so adding fields etc to listings, these listings when user is registered must provide a user

    $252 (Avg Bid)
    $252 Giá đặt trung bình
    53 lượt đặt giá
    IPV6 Database Table and Search Đã kết thúc left

    We are looking to add a table to our MySQL database to contain IPv6 Network data. We want to be able to insert the IPv6 network ranges into a table and make them searchable from a form. Our MySQL is: mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.38-MariaDB, for Linux (x86_64). We need to read and convert our IPv6 addresses to show the start and end of the network. Our

    $140 (Avg Bid)
    $140 Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá
    Website (directory theme) WP Đã kết thúc left

    ...make a nice looking website to give a project a try. It will be like a directory site but a little different. I want to compile all passover programs in the US and possibly other countries as well and make a clickable map for one to choose state or country. (Searchable as well) For each passover program I would like to put certain info. Not 100% sure

    $182 (Avg Bid)
    $182 Giá đặt trung bình
    31 lượt đặt giá identify potential skills.) We are looking for OCR (optical character recognition) experts who can convert image scans of minority language word lists and tables into searchable Unicode text (in tabbed plain text format, .txt). Accuracy will be of utmost importance. We are highly familiar with this process and have already been doing OCR of materials

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Giá đặt trung bình
    9 lượt đặt giá

    ...transaction lines. The data dates are in short form, so need to get the year from earlier in the file (where the date is shown in full with the year). This is in the same searchable place in every file. Some statements run from DEC to JAN, so need to take care to +1 the year if this condition. Rows need to be as follows: Statement Filename, Statement

    $59 (Avg Bid)
    $59 Giá đặt trung bình
    13 lượt đặt giá

    ...a person with experience in Graphic / UX design / Usability Testing who could make suggestions on how the usability of this application (available in iOS and Android and searchable using the keywords "Japanese Anki Flashcards") could be improved on. Must be a person with a history of UX design on Mobile devices, who is able to look into the usability

    $2 - $8 / hr
    Nồi Bật Đã niêm phong
    $2 - $8 / hr
    27 lượt đặt giá
    Construction law app Đã kết thúc left

    I am a lawyer from Denmark. I produce legal content. I need an app, that will allow me to post commented legal judgements. So it must be a searchable database. Allowing me to tag certain subjects as Well. I produce approx 1-200 commented judgements/year. The app should be paid by a montly fee (via app store I assume). I have plenty of content

    $1404 (Avg Bid)
    $1404 Giá đặt trung bình
    77 lượt đặt giá

    ...responsive website that will allow customers to visit and give them options to purchase the different databases that I offer for sale(No wordpress). Each database must show a searchable sample of the one they want to purchase and allow them to purchase it then download it right away. The customer should be able to sign up for a subscription to access all

    $556 (Avg Bid)
    $556 Giá đặt trung bình
    57 lượt đặt giá

    ...display,Inventory management, Bulk product imports, Product variants and composites, Barcodes, Stock and auto-filled orders, Stock Transfers, Promotions, Customer Management, Searchable customer database, Customer history is attached to each profile, Custom properties, Loyalty program, Reporting, great Dashboard and layout, Product reports, Employee reporting

    $2472 (Avg Bid)
    $2472 Giá đặt trung bình
    52 lượt đặt giá

    ...of site and work done A note section to list: - Site obstructions - Property manager issues - Weather - Building type - Construction - Permits - COI - Ceiling Height B. Data Hand Off Form is the entry (source). Data is separated by CITY, STATE - must allow manual override by assignment # All DATA must be: - multi-user - searchable by

    $606 (Avg Bid)
    $606 Giá đặt trung bình
    31 lượt đặt giá
    short corporate video Đã kết thúc left space around. However the cost and inconvenience of an off-site storage unit is usually not practical as there is a constant need to access the information stored in these files. At DLT Data Services, Our data collection services turn a document from hard copy to A searchable digital file. Customer rewards documents, Employee information, Ballots

    $393 (Avg Bid)
    $393 Giá đặt trung bình
    34 lượt đặt giá
    website with inbuilt data base Đã kết thúc left

    I want to build a searchable data base/website for my local community.

    $168 (Avg Bid)
    $168 Giá đặt trung bình
    40 lượt đặt giá

    ...integration for my current api's. I need to be able to have my api's accessible using a key and track user usage along with develop plans that can be purchased. I have searchable api files that already output json for the needs. They are currently open and I want to distribute those using some type of backend that I can manage, track, and allow the

    $173 (Avg Bid)
    $173 Giá đặt trung bình
    13 lượt đặt giá

    ...this. English as a first language is a must. Rough site map layout Home 2. About us 3. Industry Sectors 4. Client Services a. Direct Placement b. Contingent Workforce c. Executive/Management Search d. Payroll Services e. Talent Consulting Services 5. Career Opportunities (this is the searchable bullhorn integration for internal and client positions

    $136 (Avg Bid)
    $136 Giá đặt trung bình
    56 lượt đặt giá

    Am looking for a web developer that can develop a web-based database that will be used to store user profiles. Screens are in the file attached. The database should be easily searchable. Preferred languages are PHP/Laravel or Python/Flask.

    $263 (Avg Bid)
    $263 Giá đặt trung bình
    78 lượt đặt giá
    content management system Đã kết thúc left

    Content Management System - CMS A CMS system typically offers storage of different types of information for sharing between users. A web-based document / image / video (hereafter only called documents) should be created. The archive should be able to contain different document types and it should be possible to structure the archive by creating directories

    $693 (Avg Bid)
    $693 Giá đặt trung bình
    3 lượt đặt giá

    我这里有一个excel 文件, 我希望创建一个searchable 的react网站, 并且将相关配方存储到数据库中,然后通过每个项目的标签来搜寻匹配项目里面的item。

    $51 (Avg Bid)
    $51 Giá đặt trung bình
    3 lượt đặt giá
    Audio Editor (short audios) Đã kết thúc left

    ...reader says "please delete that". The sentence will always be re-read so you do not need to splice sentences or words into the audio. It's just deleting. 3. Adding SEO or key searchable words for the audios during the editing process. These words will be supplied. 4. Ideally the completed audios are 60 seconds or 90 seconds in duration. Sometimes the edited

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    $60 Giá đặt trung bình
    24 lượt đặt giá

    I am looking for a searchable OFF-LINE, NON-PHONE, PC-BASED application that will allow me to do the following: -Type an address into a search bar (preferably with an autocomplete feature) -See an area map that will highlight or mark the address. The area will be approximately a 5-square mile overhead map of a specific area. -Track the laptop (mounted

    $427 (Avg Bid)
    $427 Giá đặt trung bình
    3 lượt đặt giá

    ...[đăng nhập để xem URL] this way we can read and save any PDF data into a data Table without saving the PDF and make it searchable in DB...

    $143 (Avg Bid)
    $143 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá
    Document search project Đã kết thúc left

    ......... The project is to make the knowledge repository more organised and searchable. We need to design & develop the web page for this project (Search page, listing page and detail page ) .Someone who has a commanding grasp of HTML, CSS, javascript and related web technologies and experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling is required

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 Giá đặt trung bình
    8 lượt đặt giá

    LEGAL BACKGROUND HELPFUL. I have about 100-120 emails as flat (non-searchable PDFs). I need someone to review them against California Civil Code Sections 4900-4955 (the Open Meetings Act) and create a statement that includes: 1) the date of the email; 2) the subject matter of the email and 3) which provision(s) of the Open Meetings Act have been violated

    $476 (Avg Bid)
    $476 Giá đặt trung bình
    24 lượt đặt giá

    I have about 10,000 pages of flat PDFs. They are currently stored as approximately 3500 individual PDFs in folders on Google Drive. I need these documents converted to searchable PDFs (OCR available). Please include a price quote for the project and an estimated time for delivery.

    $570 (Avg Bid)
    $570 Giá đặt trung bình
    41 lượt đặt giá


    $2708 (Avg Bid)
    $2708 Giá đặt trung bình
    17 lượt đặt giá

    Need an application/website dashboard built on the Google Cloud Platform, to use an API to grab files for customers and store them in a searchable format.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    11 lượt đặt giá

    I am a project scientist working on databas...Himalayan biodiversity. We are interested to build a web portal of about 30,000 bibliographic references on various aspects of research on Himalayan biodiversity. We had already compiled all the references but need to put the data in the form of a easy searchable and user friendly bibliographic web portal.

    $3117 (Avg Bid)
    $3117 Giá đặt trung bình
    13 lượt đặt giá

    I have a large (7.4 MB, 40 page) scanned PDF that I cannot search for text. Please add an invisible searchable text layer using optical character recognition (OCR). I have tried this using several pieces of software that did not work. Here is the PDF: [đăng nhập để xem URL]

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 Giá đặt trung bình
    42 lượt đặt giá
    SEO friendly website Đã kết thúc left

    Brand new website. Need to be make it searchable from key word searches and have more contents on website. Website is on Wordpress.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
    $91 Giá đặt trung bình
    73 lượt đặt giá
    AMP Pdf_toolkit plugin (JAVA) Đã kết thúc left

    I need to add 3 new functions on the pdftoolkit plugin: [đăng nhập để xem URL] - Convert PDF to PDF-A - Transform the PDF in searchable - Reduction of the PDF size This plugin is part of alfresco project: [đăng nhập để xem URL]

    $44 (Avg Bid)
    $44 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá by Admin) and a captcha check (1+2=3) on every Adv sending message window. 11. If more than one Adv in a client account only default Adv visible on map, others only searchable by title words or keywords will appear as map pin, if multiple matches will display as pin map list. 12. Copy Ad feature to quickly made new Ads within an account

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 Giá đặt trung bình
    22 lượt đặt giá
    Project for Nagendra Goud P. Đã kết thúc left

    website with 2200 article that should be searchable and should be organized

    $86 (Avg Bid)
    $86 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá

    Use Mobile Web Application (Cordova) Connect to Azure SQL Server (Still in development) Hosted on Azure App Service Functionality: Login Page Login to go to project List Page Project List Page click a project to go to Submit Report Page Submit Report Page Task Searchable Dropdown field Take photo button or Select Photo Title field Description field

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá