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    Help me create a tattoo design for myself 6 ngày left

    I’d love for someone with designing experience to help make my vision come to life for a tattoo (and hopefully more!)

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Giá đặt trung bình
    21 lượt đặt giá

    Photoshop a picture to show a tattoo on the arm (forearm)- right handside of the arm Need to place the tattoo on the inside forearm - Dont make it too big and to look realistic

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    $71 Giá đặt trung bình
    55 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Fish Design 6 ngày left

    We need a Gif file of a Fish that could be used to produce various versions - like a NFT. Needs to start with a Black and White drawings that can have features added. I have added a picture of something similar but maybe more sort of human features. I have added a pic of a tattoo to show style. Maybe like the head off. Look at say as how the personalise - but would like more realistic like a fish (like tattoo). I uploaded one of those as well. Something between the two. UPDATE: Have posted another pic fish - more like this style than comical....Barra 2 is the new file

    $354 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm
    11 bài tham dự
    Need 2 Anime Style Cover Arts Made 6 ngày left

    Hey I'm looking to get two album anime style covers made. I left the description below: 1. Suffering single: - Sky point view of looking down on someone on the floor wasted - All kinds of pill all around him - A girl crying next him - The title "sufferin...kinds of pill all around him - A girl crying next him - The title "suffering" as splashed paint 2. Lone Wolf Ep: - Black and white theme - A wolf with red eyes in the middle and his tongue out and on it are Percocet pills and molly with pain in his eyes - 2 female ghosts have a guns to the wolf’s head on each side - Name "V. Angel" in blood text - I want the ep name "Lone Wolf" to be a forehead tattoo on the middle of the wolf forehead - Everything is black and white old style e...

    $146 (Avg Bid)
    $146 Giá đặt trung bình
    25 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Make a Tattoo Layout 6 ngày left

    I would like to have a Tattoo which describes my passion for Computers since I'm a child and my love for Coding (Programming - PHP)... position will be the right underarm like on the picture... the picture is a example what kind it could look like :) NOTICE: The KIND of Tattoo i like you see in the picture ... but i would like to have more Computer / Coder specific things in it :) the example hast to much electronical liking only...

    $112 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    23 bài tham dự

    I need those charecter in one I will provide 2 diferents pictures of what I want publish pic that way I can Decide

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 Giá đặt trung bình
    16 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Tattoo sketch 1 ngày left

    Hello, can someone please draw me a sketch of a white tropic longbird like this for a tattoo. Thank you!

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    19 bài tham dự
    obtain blue arrow instagram 5 ngày left

    i need an expert to obtain blue arrow as trusted instagram official we have official website official page facebook i need for a tattoo artist i can pay only if i get blue arrow

    $232 (Avg Bid)
    $232 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá
    AR Mobile App 4 ngày left

    I would like to have an AR mobile application, that when detects a target, display an image, text, video or play a sound. The target shall be a tattoo on the body. -As an admin, I want to be able to add new targets by time. -iOS & Android support. -A future feature, is to enable people through the app, try on new tattoos on their bodies before having them. This to make sure the app will be extensible.

    $291 (Avg Bid)
    $291 Giá đặt trung bình
    20 lượt đặt giá
    $45 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Logo joantorres tattoo 4 ngày left

    Logo personale per identificarmi come artista tatuatore , accetto idee

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    49 bài tham dự
    Sticker Decal 3 ngày left

    My son age 22 passed away I’d like to turn my tattoo into a window sticker I’d also like to incorporate the following writing 10/16/1999 - 1/12/22 22 Rest Easy

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Giá đặt trung bình
    25 lượt đặt giá
    Chelo Tattoo 3 ngày left

    logo que defina mi marca para mi studio

    $79 (Avg Bid)
    $79 Giá đặt trung bình
    36 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Nikita Olive Tattoo 1 ngày left

    Quiero un logo para mi marca personal como tatuadora me gustaría que incluyera el color verde oliva. Algo relacinado con Zombies o cosas estrañas como extraterestres. No tiene que estar implicito. En una pagina gratis entre algunas ideas algunas estan interesantes. Las subo por si ayuda es la primera vez q uso esta plataforma el Slogan es Stay Different

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    95 bài tham dự

    I need a logo for a project I am working on. I need it to be a snake weaving between two X's to represent a 20 in roman numerals. Colors should be black and gold. Sketches and idea of what I want the snake to look like are attached. But I would love if the design had a tattoo feel to it. Like a classic tattoo look.

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    153 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon Highland cow Tattoo design 1 ngày left

    Wanting a highland cow tattoo, something simple. Black, no colour. Could be line work, could be shaded. If there is a flower incorporated let it be a sunflower. Pictures as a reference, pictures of my own cows and examples of some tattoos I’ve found.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    21 bài tham dự
    Rendering of mechanical parts for web page 1 ngày left

    I need to have rendering of my products (tattoo pen) to publish in web site. I need to have the style similar to the I would to have images in 4 points of view with two colors (2 images in each color). I attached 2 images made by myself.

    $122 (Avg Bid)
    $122 Giá đặt trung bình
    51 lượt đặt giá

    We have just launched a CryptoGirlfriend NFT on the Binance Smart Chain. The NFT holder will receive a digital comic book as well as a printed comic book. We are nearly done writing the comic book story and now need to find a comic book illustrator that can make the base/main NFT into a full blown comic book. She is the one with the short purple hair, headphones and bitcoin tattoo. In the story she gets sucked into the computer in a Life Farm and ends up inside the blockchain where she had to fight the bots to escape. Looking for someone that can finish this in a fairly quick amount of time. We are also going to be writing additional comic books as well. So this will be an ongoing project. Please provide time estimates and rates. For the contest, rates and time it will take wi...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm
    21 bài tham dự
    Selling a web service 1 ngày left

    The website will be for tattoo artists and people looking for tattoo artists. It will be a directory of artists that will include a number of additional services for the artists so that they can focus on their art and the clients such as: providing photography/videography work for them, assisting in maintaining their profiles, booking, accepting deposits and payments, etc. I want to pre-sale spots on the site which will launch in March.

    $25 - $50 / hr
    Nổi bật Niêm phong
    $25 - $50 / hr
    3 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon De Manuel tattoo - 20/01/2022 08:02 EST Sắp kết thúc left

    Tattoos modernos elegantes acogedores serios

    $17 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    6 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon Tattoo Draw 8 ngày left

    I am looking to make a tattoo design and also maybe to engrave it in wood... the idea is Mountain-Forest and Sea... black and white ... has to be nice and unique Unisex design .. images loaded are just an idea... feel free and drawing Might be something that represent the concept of Mountain-Forest and Sea... is a Tattoo something that you are gonna have for all your life... not a kid draw...

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    33 bài tham dự

    I have 8 Picture I need to remove tattoo and editing the Picture!

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Giá đặt trung bình
    85 lượt đặt giá
    T-Shirt Design Tiger Đã kết thúc left

    Ich brauche ein Design für ein T-Shirt als Backprint. Es soll ein Tiger sein, der auf einen Berg zuläuft, der Tiger soll jedoch sehr aggressiv und machtvoll aussehen. Das Design kann auch nur aus Linien bestehen und muss nicht ausgefüllt werden, da es aussehen soll wie ein Tattoo.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 Giá đặt trung bình
    43 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Complete an old school tattoo flash design Đã kết thúc left

    Tidy and finalise a supplied traditional tattoo concept sketch. The concept is a wolf girl where the woman depicted was based off a photo of my partner (photo supplied). The project will be to complete the design ready for an artist to tattoo and provide a digital copy (outline only and coloured version). Coloured version should align with the palette used in the supplied tattoo images (I.e. darker tones), however, I’d like to convey the silver blonde hair of my partner.

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    14 bài tham dự
    Tattoo Design Đã kết thúc left

    I want an original world map tatoo design, black and white, maybe in 3-d, maybe not, maybe with shadow, or not...

    $36 (Avg Bid)
    $36 Giá đặt trung bình
    14 lượt đặt giá

    I am professional expert background remove quick tattoo designer and card designer

    $920 (Avg Bid)
    $920 Giá đặt trung bình
    12 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon mermaid tattoo Đã kết thúc left

    Hello I am searching for a tattoo design. The idea is a 15cm rib tattoo (see photo1), but instead of the bouquet in the photo there have to be 3 sunflowers. Somewhere should be written the quote:"Vivi col sole, ama nel mare". Please note I need a design where here is not much details because of the tattoo size.

    $57 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    6 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon short design Đã kết thúc left

    looking for a tattoo design for beach shorts , would like image with skull and roses , or switch blade and brass knuckles

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    36 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon NFT BASE FIGURE WITH 10x4 TRAITS Đã kết thúc left

    Im looking for THE BEST NFT designers to make my base figure something to atract buyers eyes. I will attach my base figure. Please feel free to change it if you think it needs changing, maybe make it wais up with 2 hands visible, or leave it like it is just add one hand visible. I am looking for 10 different TRAITS times 4, hair, hat, mustach, beard, mouth, neckless, tattoo, the best you can do with background, eye ware, eyes, and if you can add more traits/accessories you are getting bonus points straight away. Please follow latest nft trends what's popular. I will attach what i got so far to help you started, format can be ai if needed. I need to make sure i can use what I got already. I would like to have theme Hollywood red carpet fashion all traits.

    $600 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm Niêm phong NDA
    30 bài tham dự

    Please adapt the BEST DESIGNS attached into a new 2D design I can use for a t-shirt. THE DESIGN MUST LOOK LIKE FULL BODY TATTOO ART BODY TATTOO DESIGN STYLE The shirt graphics must be visible in a monochrome version The graphics should be in Norse / Viking style. Images, symbols, tattoo style. Old Norse body at. Viking Tattoos. The design must include tattoo style art. COLOUR PALETTE: low contrast such as black on grey, grey on black, navy on blue, burgundy on red, charcoal on grey etc. COLOUR STYLE: Not too much difference between the colours. Not too brightly coloured... darker colours will be better. It will help you to look at the design entries with four or five stars to see what kinds of styles are prefe...

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    82 bài tham dự

    I want a monkey swinging off the leaning tower of pisa wearing a raptors jersey with the number 92 on the jersey and the Monkey has to be grabbing a fish

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    $80 Giá đặt trung bình
    28 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon “Don’t forget the hot sauce!” 9 ngày left

    This is new home made hot sauce project. Australian made Hipster style - Maybe bit tattoo style No google images Cartoonishly fun MUST BE ON THE LOGO Brand name: “Don’t forget the hot sauce!” Australian made “No bulls#it - just ripper goodness!” ————- Let your fantasy fly! Looking designers for ongoing work. Cheers.

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    58 bài tham dự
    Excel Sheet Set up Đã kết thúc left

    Hi Rahul K., I need the following done. The instructions are already listed here @tokeniac31/how-to-create-a-rarity-chart-of-your-nfts-only-using-excel-35351e59ecf1 is this something that you can do for me? The traits I need are: Characters - 2 (male and female) Helmet Versions - 2 Outfit - 3 Skin Color - 3 Badge - 6 Tattoo - 6 Helmet Icon - 3 Accessory Tool - 3 If you can perform this task for the $75 please accept the project. If not I will post for others to bid on.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    $75 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá

    We need some simple info graphics done for a product we have. We want something similar to the website example below. The files need to be editable in PSD format. We just need the images done.. we will write the descriptions. I have uploaded our cream tube which will be used example below. The files need to be editable in PSD format. We just need the images done.. we will write the descriptions. I have uploaded our cream tube which will be used for the "before" part and the during part we have a gel based product, if you can somehow use an image to represent applying the gel to the skin. And the last image we have a foam soap as well to be applied after the tattoo is done. Example website Please feel free to ask questions! Thank you!

    $90 (Avg Bid)
    $90 Giá đặt trung bình
    66 lượt đặt giá
    Jamie's wolf tattoo Đã kết thúc left

    My name is Jamie and I would like a tattoo! I have been looking for wolf tattoo ideas for a while now, and realise that this is the design I would like. It's minimalistic, meaningful and pays homage to my roots. I'm from Warrington, England, where rugby league is hugely popular. I grew up hearing tales of, and witnessing the mighty Warrington Wolves. I have a love of dogs, canines and all howling creatures which are wild at heart and their nature has some parallels with my own as a human! They're incredibly beautiful and diverse. They exist across most continents and hunt in packs. The alpha leads from the rear and they keep balance to ecosystems. Very communicative and caring, they move in large packs. They care for their young with equal distribution. ...

    $126 (Avg Bid)
    $126 Giá đặt trung bình
    40 lượt đặt giá
    Editing For Instagram Reels Đã kết thúc left

    Hey i want to make reels on my tattoo journey i have some photos and videos looking for some one too edit it for me

    $17 (Avg Bid)
    $17 Giá đặt trung bình
    34 lượt đặt giá
    Tattoos ideas Đã kết thúc left

    i need a good tattoo artist that will make my ideas into tattoos

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Giá đặt trung bình
    23 lượt đặt giá
    I need a tech pack designer Đã kết thúc left

    For an upcoming street wear brand that focuses on Neo traditional tattoo designs.

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    $78 Giá đặt trung bình
    10 lượt đặt giá
    Arabic Caligraphi for a Tattoo Đã kết thúc left

    Hi i would like the following Arabic Names be written in calligraphy, as they will be turned into Tatto art. I need 3 options for the calligraphy - one with the ( and ) , one without and one freestyle. the Tattoo area will be around the ribcage, so the design could be either all in a straight line but preferably in the shape of a circle or a teardrop etc. نجوان و فاروق

    $78 (Avg Bid)
    $78 Giá đặt trung bình
    25 lượt đặt giá
    I need a sketch artist Đã kết thúc left

    I would like some sketches of some fish for a tattoo idea

    $52 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $52 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    55 lượt đặt giá
    Project for Diana Y. Đã kết thúc left

    Hi Diana Y., I noticed your profile and would like to talk to you about taking on a project for my business. We are a tattoo ink company and would like to have an emblem and additional brand assets designed. Let me know if you're interested and what additional information you can provide :) -Lauren / USA

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá
    Tattoo artist wanted Đã kết thúc left

    Looking to hire a tattoo artist to in my tattoo shop. Must have 3yrs exp must be covid vacinatied

    $290 (Avg Bid)
    $290 Giá đặt trung bình
    34 lượt đặt giá

    I just need a 1 time design for a tattoo I want to get for my father who passed away. I want to take this Harley Davidson Logo and swap out the words for my father's name and DOB and DOD.

    $85 (Avg Bid)
    $85 Giá đặt trung bình
    49 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Bow and arrow design Đã kết thúc left

    Matching bow and arrow to be vectorized as seen and incorporating initials on both (Y and R). Not too obvious within the design. ***recreate the same bow and arrow tattoo design and incorporate initials with bow and arrow. The bow will have both initials as well as the arrow with both initials***

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    41 bài tham dự
    Digital image from tattoo Đã kết thúc left

    I am after someone to provide a digital image from my tattoo in multiple graphic file formats. It will be used for digital and real world signage so needs to be high resolution. It is meant to be in the style / shape of yin yang The back of the bird and the stem of the leaf need to be a perfect circle with the belly of the bird following a yin yang style of curve. The leaves are slightly narrower at the stem that the tip so they get a little fatter as the extend out. Zooming out gives you a slightly better perspective. Tattoo design and style remains my intellectual property.

    $61 (Avg Bid)
    $61 Giá đặt trung bình
    24 lượt đặt giá
    Remove tattoo from photo Đã kết thúc left

    I need the tattoo removed from hip bone under swimsuit

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 Giá đặt trung bình
    55 lượt đặt giá
    In Need of a Star Wars Artist Đã kết thúc left

    I have a tattoo design I am looking to have completed before I have it tattooed. I need someone who knows Star Wars and is a great artist. My design is a compilation of the three hallway scenes (Vader in Rogue One, Maul in the CW, and Luke in The Mandalorian) all connected end-to-end in one long panel. I will provide more details if I like your related Star Wars portfolio.

    $121 (Avg Bid)
    $121 Giá đặt trung bình
    23 lượt đặt giá
    Tatto removal Đã kết thúc left

    Hi, I would like to remove a tattoo from the left arm in the photo

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    91 lượt đặt giá
    Tattoo and fashion landing page Đã kết thúc left

    I want to fashion landing page for my website , are you familiar with Scalp Micro Pigmentation? (SMP)

    $174 (Avg Bid)
    $174 Giá đặt trung bình
    22 lượt đặt giá

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