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    Build a website from a template 6 ngày left

    Canadian publisher looking for an experienced WordPress web developer to build a single site from a template. Must be able to plan, organize and carry out ALL aspects of the WordPress web development process. This includes: following plan, assisting with project scope/direction, prototyping, design, development, testing, and launching the final site on WP Engine website

    $342 (Avg Bid)
    $342 Giá đặt trung bình
    57 lượt đặt giá

    I've encountered a slight issue with recovering my Twitter account. It asks me to verify my email, to ensure it's actually me getting into the account. However, I wanted to figure out a way of automating this process. I wanted to write a program that would constantly try a list of emails on that specific "identity verification" page until the website accepts the correct email ...

    $668 (Avg Bid)
    $668 Giá đặt trung bình
    21 lượt đặt giá

    As a manager of a food processing plant, you are asked to design a process from the collection of Apples to the packaging of 100 kg of powder of Apple juice. However, importance should be given to the unit operations of food processing. PROJECT: First, it is assumed that apple contain in average 80% wt. of water, 10% of solids and the remaining are aroma substances and the weight of one apple is ...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    0 lượt đặt giá

    Hello I need an expert in Business Process Modelling and associated concepts like operations management. Please apply if you have the required expertise.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
    $91 Giá đặt trung bình
    2 lượt đặt giá
    Web developer 6 ngày left

    Responsibilities • Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices • Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs • Create and maintain software documentation &bull...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
    $137 Giá đặt trung bình
    4 lượt đặt giá
    littlehandsbusymindsdaycareinc.com 6 ngày left

    I am in the process of getting a template to use for the website. Bootstrap 4 HTML5 I will also send you the website via doc format and one form to create.

    $123 (Avg Bid)
    $123 Giá đặt trung bình
    34 lượt đặt giá

    Job Description: We are looking for competent Sales Specialists (50 Openings) to help us build the business activities in the US region, connecting remotely from Bangalore office (Night shift). You will be required to pursue new sales prospects by Cold calling, with excellent communication skills, to reach out potential customers, showcase and sell our products and services. Play a key role in ra...

    $504 (Avg Bid)
    $504 Giá đặt trung bình
    8 lượt đặt giá

    The hard skills required are: PHP, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, MySQL. Furthermore, you should have a sense for accurate, design-technically balanced and legally clean work. Should be technical well done, working perfect on smartphone and loading quickly. Project description: We are looking for a developer for a (small!) progressive web app. It should be developed as a progresse-web-App, so that we...

    $184 (Avg Bid)
    $184 Giá đặt trung bình
    13 lượt đặt giá

    It is not a project I want an written template of what entry level developers do using spring boot. Like I want to know what all are the technologies they use to build a project. I want a complete flow of it so that I could replicate the same when asked in an interview. I hope you understood my requirement. Let me know if you have any questions. As per my current resume these are the points I wro...

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    $13 Giá đặt trung bình
    2 lượt đặt giá

    Full Stack Web Developer Job Description: Key Technologies Required: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, PHP, CodeIgniter, UI, Ajax, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, WordPress. Good to Know: Photoshop, Coral draw, Adobe Illustrator. Experience in building and operating highly efficient, dynamic, scalable browser-based UI and Web applications. Basic knowledge of Android and IOS application crea...

    $492 (Avg Bid)
    $492 Giá đặt trung bình
    10 lượt đặt giá
    Explainer Videos & How to videos -- 2 6 ngày left

    We are looking for someone to make a series of how-to explainer videos, we have all the content and templates in after effects. You will need to create small 60-second to 180-second videos explaining how our business works, some information on new products, and some tutorials. These will include Intros, outros, animated logos, and more. We will be doing these at least 3 times a week and need someo...

    $39 (Avg Bid)
    $39 Giá đặt trung bình
    21 lượt đặt giá

    In our business we have a manual process of handing a project over where we ask a member of the sales staff to fill in a excel document and send to a member of the project team. I want that process to be an online form with multiple fields. The fields we would need are listed below. Client: Builder: Architecht: Date Required: Invoicing Contact Name: Invoicing Contact email: Site Contact Name Si...

    $26 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $26 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    9 lượt đặt giá

    Looking for a person who can work from home writing up and re-purposing social media platform posts, blogs and emails. A dual-minded approach: You’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decision WHO WE ARE: We are Andyqmai, a growing ecommerce business based in Australia looking to expand our team in the upcoming wee...

    $340 (Avg Bid)
    $340 Giá đặt trung bình
    25 lượt đặt giá
    BPO sales process 6 ngày left

    I need some help with selling something.

    $252 (Avg Bid)
    $252 Giá đặt trung bình
    2 lượt đặt giá

    Please read the project summary below: [đăng nhập để xem URL] In Short, we need to improve a current WordPress website ([đăng nhập để xem URL]) that is built but not up to our speed standards. We need it to score the following speed metrics on Google's Page Speed Insight tool: - Mobile Speed = 86 - Desktop Speed = 94 Right now, the work in progress website ([đăng nhập để xem URL]) only h...

    $139 (Avg Bid)
    $139 Giá đặt trung bình
    16 lượt đặt giá

    I have a Wordpress theme that has been installed along with Ninja Tables PRO version. I also have Elementor PRO installed if this will help I will supply an Excel sheet with 80 products listed in 6 tabs which will show Product code, Name of Company, Continent, Country, Type of company and price ($). I assume this can be imported into Woo Commerce for speed. I want Ninja Tables configured with a ...

    $174 (Avg Bid)
    $174 Giá đặt trung bình
    4 lượt đặt giá
    macro bat powershell windows automation 5 ngày left

    need this process to be done by automation 1) if bmp file detected in c:v1 2) check if - in bmp file remove that 3) if bmp file name is 13 digit long and numbers 4) move bmp file to C:v2 5) if bmp file detected in C:v2 6) [đăng nhập để xem URL] [đăng nhập để xem URL] [đăng nhập để xem URL] & rename [đăng nhập để xem URL] [đăng nhập để xem URL] 7) move [đăng nhập để xem URL] to C:v3 8) mo...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Giá đặt trung bình
    5 lượt đặt giá
    Business Process 5 ngày left

    Introduction to Business Processes, Business Process Mapping, Process Analysis. (ONLINE QUIZ) (20 MCQs)

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Giá đặt trung bình
    3 lượt đặt giá

    would like to search for product easier and quicker

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    $124 Giá đặt trung bình
    4 lượt đặt giá

    I need some help with selling my services at a commission basis with attractive rates The process will need you to do cold calls or outreach prospects and make them understand our services and offerings The process will require dedication and daily updates of the outreaches done and daily closures Please feel to reach out in case of any queries

    $420 (Avg Bid)
    $420 Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá

    We have a software booking system for yoga studios to manage bookings, take payments, etc. We are looking for customer support who can respond to customer queries and also work with developer to resolve the bugs that are reported. About you: - Prior experience is essential - You need to have excellent written english - When customer reports the bug, you need to analyse and replicate the issue, r...

    $53 (Avg Bid)
    $53 Giá đặt trung bình
    9 lượt đặt giá
    $398 Giá đặt trung bình
    23 lượt đặt giá

    Hello, we are looking to build a very simple app that has the following functionality (described from the end user's point of view). - When you login to the app, there is a single button with the name of a retailer (for example, Nordstroms). - Click the button, which prompts you to log into your Nordstroms account. - Once you've logged into the account, the app scrapes all of your Nordst...

    $35 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $35 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    21 lượt đặt giá

    Another bug found after fixing Signup process bug. * Chatting app based on Google firebase was one the way. * After source code upload, former freelancer left due to emplyment * Since bug found in verification process ( Signup), fiexed the bug verification code sending process -----------key issue now ----------- * In bug fixed verion, adding new Friend was possible. ( since Signup was enabled) ...

    $117 (Avg Bid)
    $117 Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá

    i need you to check my code and figure out why is it not compiling. Rewrite the grammar to eliminate any ambiguity and make sure that the associativity of the operations + ,–, *, and /are left to right. 2)Writea parserof the rewritten grammarusing BYACC/J. Once you have built your parser, you should be able to process programswritten in the language described above. When BYACC finds input ...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
    0 lượt đặt giá

    A lead-zinc mine extracts ore from an underground massive sulphide deposit and produces zink (Zn) and lead (Pb) concentrates. The objective is to investigate the extraction of a series of ore panels, with each of you studying a single panel, as assigned in the Excel workbook. Zink and lead grades are estimated at the centroids of 5x5x4 m blocks in each panel. a) Create charts showing the spatial ...

    $193 (Avg Bid)
    $193 Giá đặt trung bình
    15 lượt đặt giá
    Unity help in generating a release build 4 ngày left

    You will operate on AnyDesk, with no secret sharing. I need someone smart with the Android release, of a simple video game that I made to learn my skills. We are using Unity for the build process. No interest in visual studio.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    11 lượt đặt giá
    FXCM API Streaming and Trading in Python 4 ngày left

    Hi I have a very simple script in Python that I run on a Windows VPS server from a Jupyter Notebook. I want to accomplish 3 tasks: 1. Stream tick data successfully, without gaps(e.g 2 min without incoming data), resample, and add it into a pandas data frame. 2. Read the data frame and open/close/modify trades. 3. Retrieve information about my open trades. Currently, I am able to do all of the ab...

    $436 (Avg Bid)
    $436 Giá đặt trung bình
    10 lượt đặt giá

    The jupyter script "[đăng nhập để xem URL]" is written to run 2 functions on the transposed data files. The functions are called "LZs" and "LZc". The output of each of these functions is written to a separate .csv file. At the moment, I need to manually run the script on each file, by changing the file name of the .txt input data file and the file names of the 2 ou...

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    $21 Giá đặt trung bình
    6 lượt đặt giá

    I need freelance civil and structural consultant who can review civil structure, foundation reports, visual inspection reports of in-service process plant which is over 20 years and provide recommendation if it is good for the next 23 years or so.

    $431 (Avg Bid)
    $431 Giá đặt trung bình
    27 lượt đặt giá

    I need to change automatically country according to choosen language in checkout process. I use wmpl plugin. according to changing country is changing also currency. So if Czech language then Kč currency. If Hungarian language then HUF currency. If slovak language then Euro. It function already when I change country manualy but I need that it makes automaticaly so when I get to checkout site with ...

    $41 (Avg Bid)
    $41 Giá đặt trung bình
    12 lượt đặt giá

    We need to create a Magento 1 module which will send an SMS when a tracking number is created in an order shipment. So when we add a tracking number and save the order shipment, the sms will be sent to the customer's billing address phone number. Any errors from SMS sending process should be noted on the order comments visible only to admin, and should not prevent the Magento order completio...

    $224 (Avg Bid)
    $224 Giá đặt trung bình
    20 lượt đặt giá

    We have a machine built with IO list and partial programming complete. RSLogix 5000 with a Red Lion HMI. I need someone to come on site and help get programming complete by the end of year. The machine is a process mixing machine with automated feed.

    $59 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $59 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá

    I need a browser automation process to pull from a list of user names and password for testing captcha capabilities. It can be done in java or python preferably and use selenium but it has to be done through a browser for testing. It might be helpful to have anti-captcha or 2captcha involved as well if it can be implemented. This is a start of a long project and I am overwhelmed with jobs at the ...

    $425 (Avg Bid)
    $425 Giá đặt trung bình
    16 lượt đặt giá

    Process 10 photos from the photo session. Make high-quality color correction and retouching. Photos in jpeg format

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Giá đặt trung bình
    56 lượt đặt giá

    I need a workbook for my staff to enter information for individual employees. Most of the data is specific dates or steps in our process. We need a more flexible way to record multiple contacts with the same person, along with the notes from each contact - phone/email/text

    $376 (Avg Bid)
    $376 Giá đặt trung bình
    26 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Shiny Dog Shiny Cat Label 3 ngày left

    My name is Michele and I have a small pet food store located in Over the Rhine, Ohio. We have been making our slow-batch pet food for 10 years and now I would like to market it beyond our store. I started this business because I had a sick dog and at the end of the day, poor nutrition was the root cause. We changed his diet and it changed our lives. The Nutrition Kitchen is a family-owned brand s...

    $165 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm NDA
    139 bài tham dự

    Hi Freelancers! I need someone that has extensive experience and knowledge with coding in Python and SQL, along with experience working Google Data Studio. Objective: Feed in data from a csv/parquet file (5GB 1M+ rows) on a weekly basis to Google Data Studio to create visualizations. The csv/data will be downloaded on a weekly basis to local or cloud. Looking to streamline this process to automat...

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $22 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    32 lượt đặt giá

    We are looking for centers for executing outbound process. Details of the process are mentioned below. 1. Nature of Work : Outbound Calling. 2. Minimum Seats required : 20 Seats. 3. Payout : Fixed. 4. Payment Cycle : Monthly. 5. Training : Provided By Company. 6. Signup : Online / Offline (...

    $1752 (Avg Bid)
    $1752 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá

    I am looking for a website designer to develop a professional and aesthetically pleasing internal company website for our franchise partners to log into and view company updates, files, calendars, etc. We are brand new to Microsoft Sharepoint so will need someone to guide us along the set up process in addition to building out the website materials. This website will house all internal company d...

    $2533 (Avg Bid)
    $2533 Giá đặt trung bình
    29 lượt đặt giá

    Hi Jean, I'd like to hire you for a domain registration process. Could you please email me at my business email? parth@[đăng nhập để xem URL]

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá

    I need a new modules addon of whmcs system in PHP. Requirements: **** In client area: - Client can Request to withdraw available affiliate commissions. Request Form: + Amount to withdraw in available commissions. + Method -> paypal or Account balance. If paypal -> ask for paypal emails (2 times to confirm correct paypal email) + Condition: Amount are in USD, less or equal than available com...

    $566 (Avg Bid)
    $566 Giá đặt trung bình
    8 lượt đặt giá

    I have approximately 30 files that I need converted from written in `word/excel` to electronic version. At present the user is printing this document first and then recording the specific entries on it and we would like to speed up this process by making the file available electronically for use on iphone, tablet or computer.

    $450 (Avg Bid)
    $450 Giá đặt trung bình
    5 lượt đặt giá
    Java Developer -- 4 3 ngày left

    Looking to hire experienced Java Developer for contract job on monthly basis for 2-3 months. Candidates should be available to work for 8 hours in a day. Skills Requirement: Core Java with Multithreading, Rest Services, Microservice, Web services, J2EE, Spring (MVC, Boot, Batch, Security, Data), Microservice, Jboss/Wildfly. Also Elementary knowledge on any Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN) ...

    $438 (Avg Bid)
    $438 Giá đặt trung bình
    5 lượt đặt giá

    My names Jake I work as a materials coordinator for a large iron ore mining company in Western Australia. I have this workbook that I have to fill in weekly for planned orders/parts for the upcoming working week. Currently at the moment it takes roughly an hour to manually populate the sheet but would like a macro created to speed this process up as the steps remain the same every time it’s...

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Giá đặt trung bình
    28 lượt đặt giá

    flask website which used to track price of certain websites. Send email when prices go below a previously user set price. I do have a running website for private use but it is not up to the standard of production usage. I do think you can reuse some of the codes. Main functions: The customer fill in a URL of certain products, set a demanded price which is lower than the current price. Click the b...

    $411 (Avg Bid)
    $411 Giá đặt trung bình
    10 lượt đặt giá

    Our small business is switching from google drive to office 365 and we are keen to use all of the functionality in sharepoint, teams, planner, to do etc. We are a services company, so we have all of the usual departments - management, finance, HR etc, but we also want to create a process to run our business, so have tasks in planner that automatically notify people when they're done so that ...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    7 lượt đặt giá

    We have a SixBit server connected to an eBay store, currently only one product line is semi automated and we want a 3 level or steps project: 1)Update all our listings with current variables for Auto accessories that need to match vehicle compatibility of eBay, 2) Bring to similar Automation and consistent SKU for all products. 3) Automate the last processes to be handled in SixBit

    $204 (Avg Bid)
    $204 Giá đặt trung bình
    3 lượt đặt giá

    I am creating a web site platform to manage visits of clients to shops. I am using HTML Stream Dashboard UI Toolkit for admin panel display on client side. My requirement is that someone takes point on the client side implementation (js/jquery/boostrap/mustachejs implementation) - so I can work on other part of the project. I need to keep it responsive and fast. The idea is to call the .net RES...

    $168 (Avg Bid)
    $168 Giá đặt trung bình
    15 lượt đặt giá

    Hi, I am looking for a professional company that can develop a parafarmaceutics online store. The company must be expert on SEO, on using WooCommerce, developing templates, being able to upload up to 2.000 products and so on. We want a project end to end. We will work with another freelancer for the styling and designs for homepage, category page, product page and checkout process but we need s...

    $1471 (Avg Bid)
    $1471 Giá đặt trung bình
    41 lượt đặt giá