3D Scanning can be defined as the collection of data from a physical object to create a three-dimensional model. 3D Scanning Experts can help clients bring physical objects into the digital environment by providing detailed, accurate and realistic models for their projects.

Our 3D Scanning Experts use a variety of methods of data collection such as Photogrammetry, Lasers, and CT or MRI scans, so that any physical object can be translated into a 3D model.

The application of 3D Scanning can range from Reverse Engineering and Quality Control/Inspection to create consumer products, like VR/AR games, animations, and movies. 3D scanning is also used in medical applications such as reconstructive surgery, dental implants, body tissue analysis and planning orthopedic surgeries.

Here's some projects that our expert 3D Scanning Experts made real:

  • Creating models of objects from existing photos
  • 3D Scanning of statues that are in hard to reach places
  • Engineering new metal covers using existing plastic covers with 3D Scans as reference
  • Reverse engineering existing scans into CAD model formats
  • Cleaning up existing point cloud 3D models
  • Converting recap point clouds to .xyz and .obj file formats
  • Building prototypes for products with detailed precision
  • Using multiple realsense cameras for human body scanning apps

Our experts on Freelancer.com go above and beyond to ensure that you get the highest quality 3D scan for your project needs. They guarantee accuracy and precision when taking the measurements necessary for the creation of the digital model, so that the results are up to industry standards. If you're looking to bring your project ideas into reality, posting a project on Freelancer.com is the way to go! Our experts have the experience and knowledge to get your project done fast and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards. With our team you have access to experienced professionals who have all of the skills necessary to make your project come alive! So don't delay – post your project today and hire a verified Freelancer expert in no time!

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    First we are doing some kind of civil engineering project, so we take photos for the site, which could be indoor or outdoor site. our inputs which we have are 1- 360 images 2- txt or csv file for photos location 3- simple CAD file that to use as a background, we don't use google maps as background (maybe in the future updates). 4- data in one project might be splitted in different groups, like Floor1, floor2, etc. 5- number of images could be 100 to 2000 images, with high resolution. what we want is to create asp.net project that have 1- control panel to create projects, user account roles for clients, and any related management staff 2- Web interface that user can login and brows different maps (ground floor, first floor, etc). 3- Client can view his 360 images. The ideal freelan...

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