Altium Designer is an integrated tool suite that provides a streamlined design experience. It is the world’s leading Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design tool, used by engineers, designers, and makers to innovate various products. An expertly trained Altium Designer can help clients bring their designs to life while ensuring they are efficient and reliable.

Altium Designer provides:

• Design Rule Checks (DRC) to make sure the right components are used

• Automated Rules-Based connectivity to speed up the drawing process

• Easy access design libraries, allowing designers to quickly choose components

• Comprehensive documentation library, enabling faster prototypes

• 3D Model Previewer for realistic visualizations during the PCB layout process

• Multi-Sheet Schematic entry for extreme accuracy in complex designs.

By hiring an experienced Altium Designer Expert, clients can realize their designs with confidence and save on time, money and resources. The expert can help in examining a wide range of parameters including mass production formats, design-for-manufacturability compliance, cost assessments and other related concerns.

Here’s some projects that our expert Altium Designer Experts made real:

  • Designing complex Analogue audio amplifiers and connectors for specific industries
  • Revising existing PCBs and Firmware for alternate microprocessors
  • Troubleshooting errors in PCBs before they go into production
  • Constructing 3D models of PCBs before they go into production
  • Creating multi-sheet schematics with extreme accuracy

Altium Designer is an indispensable tool for electrical engineering professionals and makers who need effective solutions that are reliable and efficient. By leveraging the skills of an expert Altium Designer, clients can get full insight into their projects from early prototyping to production stage. We invite you to post your project on Freelancer and hire one of our experienced Altium Designer Experts today!

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    CubeSat satelite will be at least 550km above the earth. Elevation angle will be 20 degrees. LoRaWAN protocol will be used for the communication between sensor and CubeSat. Sensor could be any sensor like temperature and humidity sensor. Sensor transmitter power will be at least 23dBm. Tx uplink frequency will be from 148MHz to 150MHz (10 channels from 148.1MHz to 149.9Mhz with 200kz between channels, LoRa bandwidth 125KHz) RX downlink frequency will be from 137MHz to 138 Mhz ( total 3 channels, RX1 137.1MHz, RX2 137.3 MHz, beacon 137.1 MHz). LoRaWAN Protocol version will be 1.0.3. Sensor should support Clas A/B/C operations. Jobs that will be done: 1) Hardware Design of a LoRaWAN IoT sensor ( Schematic, Layout, PCB) for the given frequencies usin SX1276 chip 2) Custimization of LoRaWAN pr...

    $2084 (Avg Bid)
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