Anthropology is a field of study that focuses on understanding and analyzing the physical, social and cultural characteristics of human beings during different periods of development. It is an all-encompassing research for understanding the evolution of the human species and its culture. Anthropologists use various tools to investigate the behavioral traits and the biological, environmental and historical conditions of human societies. Through their expertise, they can develop strategies to improve social relations, conflict resolution strategies and health management systems.

Here's some projects that our expert Anthropologist made real:

  • They researched questions pertaining to gender roles in relation to culture
  • They edited a thesis lit review chapter within a tight deadline
  • They carried out artefact analysis with a medical anthropology focus
  • They completed critical reading responses that were full of insight

No matter the size of your project, a professional anthropologist can create beneficial tactics for companies, organizations and individuals looking for field-specific knowledge and strategic solutions. Our anthropologists can produce ideas that can help you overcome difficult challenges to reach your business goals. Invite them to post their project in and get started on delivering helpful solutions today!

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    El Cis está realizando una serie de estudios sociológicos y somo la empresa encargada de seleccionar al personal. Estamos a la búsqueda de 2 perfiles: 1. Persona encargada de la selección de participantes en los distintos grupos (6 este año 20 en 2024). 2. Participantes presenciales. Necesitamos distintos perfiles de personas con nacionalidad española y residencia en la comunidad de Madrid para participar en Grupos de Discusión. Los grupos se realizaran en la sede del CIS en Madrid, calle Montalbán 8, la duración es de 90 a 120 minutos. La retribución es de 50 euros. Los próximos grupos son para personas mayores de 35 años y la temática será sobre el interés que despierta la polí...

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