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Binary Analysis can be applied to a broad range of projects. Whether it's to mitigate risk by eliminating uncertainties when expanding open-source software to discovering how consumer electronics work. Freelancers with binary analysis skills use a variety of tools and their own expertise to disassemble, examine and create solutions to your most difficult problems.
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backdoor installation of app need a backdoor installation binary code for my app. 0 Growth Hacking, Phân tích nhị phân Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 20171n 6g -
pattern selection in Logical analysis of data ( LAD ) I generate a large number of patterns ( about 200 positive patterns + 15 negative patterns ) for binary data sets , now i wanna expert in classification to reduce this number and improve prediction models ( classification models ) and increase the accuracy results as well as decrease the error rate . my project about improve the quality pattern for LAD methods . so what is the patter... 18 Machine Learning, Khai thác dữ liệu, Phân tích nhị phân, Data Analytics Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 20171g 54t ₫9045455
Computer Organization And Design - Computer Architecture- MIPS CODE a Q/A project about unit control system and pipelines exc. It is simple. only 3 questions. Prob take 20 minutes of someone who knows. The person also has to know MIPS Code. 4 Kiến trúc phần mềm, Thiết kế vi mạch, FPGA, Phân tích nhị phân, Computer Science Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫636364
Binary trader Hi, i am looking for a binary trader to trade my account. 5 Metatrader, Phân tích nhị phân Oct 29, 2017 Oct 29, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫568182
Lập trình C#, Kiến trúc phần mềm, Metatrader, Phân tích nhị phân, MQTT Oct 14, 2017 Oct 14, 2017Đã kết thúc
Bitcoin/Ethereum Binary MLM website with algorithms I need you to research and create a website with similar functionality as example website ____ stepium (dot) com ____ Bitcoin/Ethereum Binary MLM must run as an example 6 levels /contracts explanations [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] 17 Thiết kế trang web, Kiến trúc phần mềm, MLM, Mật mã, Phân tích nhị phân Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫17409091
MSF and DCF receiver everything will me explained later 5 Kĩ thuật, Điện tử, Verilog / VHDL, Kĩ thuật điện, Phân tích nhị phân Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫1039260
Time code interpretation Sampling and decoding date and time information The MSF and DCF radio clock transmitters 6 Linux, Kĩ thuật, Điện tử, Kĩ thuật điện, Phân tích nhị phân Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫3555660
Extract oid's from firmware binary file I need snmp oid descriptions for a huawei MA5608T, The atached file is a backup of the firmware and i found a few references on the web that say the oid list and descriptions can be extracted from the firmware. This is a rusian article explaining the process but i believe i have a diferent firmware and oid's: [url removed, login to view] The binary file is about 29MB and the upload limit ... 0 Phân tích nhị phân Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Đã kết thúc -
Create a java application that converts a binary file of an image into a plain text file Create a java application that converts a binary file that encodes the image of a ticket into a plain text file with the information and format of the ticket. The binary files are generated for a printer and encode the image of the tickets that are going to be printed. The generated image of the ticket needs to be converted into a plain text file. An example binary file will be given, along ... 24 Java, OCR, Phân tích nhị phân, Coding Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫71113636
Phân tích nhị phân Sep 9, 2017 Sep 9, 2017Đã kết thúc
Write some Articles about Forex. I need you to write 2 pages web contents about 1.(Forex Broker) and 2.(EA Developer) for my website 26 Viết quảng cáo, Metatrader, Article Writing, Phân tích nhị phân Jul 31, 2017 Jul 31, 2017Đã kết thúc -
tenda d301 .bin firmware editör [url removed, login to view] Tenda d301 router The Firmware .bin file will be edited. Give me a bid Good work. 0 Phân tích nhị phân Jul 13, 2017 Jul 13, 2017Đã kết thúc -
Phân tích nhị phân Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Đã kết thúc
Phân tích nhị phân Jul 6, 2017 Jul 6, 2017Đã kết thúc
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