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    I have not been able to take my wife on an anniversary trip since the pandemic! Sadly too many small financial obligations crept up and almost swallowed up everything I had (new to this as I was prior military and they literally handled everything for me), as of January 2021 I told myself that this year would not be the same as the last two. a month ago i lost my job at Wells Fargo because my credit score fell due to me consolidating my debt with the National Debt Association (since January 2021) which caused my credit score to fall to about 500 from the low 700s. While I look for a federal job and start up an interior detailing business and pay for school for my wife as a Medical Assistant I have greatly fell short of this goal. Please help!! I have never asked anyone for money because no...

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    We are a data analytics company we need ideas for data science projects with pitch deck for fundraising. The pitch should contain graphs, ppt designs, in power point with design and should be appealing get to investors, backed up factual data with relevant referral links.

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    This is an open challenge to any one with a good idea for a startup that seeks to attract as many people around the world to set up companies in Singapore. Background In singapore, over the last couple of years, 5,000 business are newly setup per month. Considering that singapore has one of the lowest tax rates in the world and the 3rd largest FX centre of the world where businesses can transact freely with anyone in the world in most foreign currencies, that 5,000 looks small, and it is even smaller since businesses can be done remotely these days via payment gateways. The costs of open a business is not huge, a few hundred dollars in government fees or even less. The benefits of having one, even if doing nothing, is tremendous. Many MNCs and SMEs set up shop to raise capital or ...

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