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A language used by Jews in central and eastern Europe before the World War II. It was originally a German dialect with words from Hebrew and several modern languages, and still has some 200,000 speakers, mainly in the US, Israel, and Russia.
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Virtual Assitant Needed Payment terms: biweekly $80 This is a combination of Virtual assistant, Researcher & Lead Generators job. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users] Speedy communication is a basic requirement and reply to emails/ text with a delay of more than 10 mins won’t work. Seeking a skilled Virtu... 16 Trợ lí trực tuyến, Thiết kế văn phòng phẩm, Viết diễn văn, Kĩ thuật công nghiệp, Yiddish Sep 24, 2017 Hôm nay6n 20g ₫3250000
editing on songs lyrics Edits on the song lyrics. I am looking to complete a song I wrote. Any changes made to the actual song have to match the meaning of the song and be able to be used in order to sing it ( to rhyme). 32 Biên tập, Âm nhạc, Thơ ca, Thiết kế Âm thanh, Yiddish Sep 23, 2017 Sep 23, 20175n 17g ₫462590
Appium mobile auotmation testing with perfecto mobile--trainner Hi, Looking for freelancer who have experience in appium mobile automation testing in java with perfecto simulator. I have to take training. 6 Kiểm tra/QA, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Kiểm tra kỹ thuật tự động, App Developer, Yiddish Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 20175n 9g ₫3545455
virtual assitant wanted Please send a cover letter describing how you seem like a fit for this position and expected renumeration on fixed biweekly basis. The required candiate must commit to be available 5-6 hours daily, 6 days a week Requirements: Data extraction Skilled with Company Research, Contact Research, & Market Research Finance Services industry knowledge High level of Attention to details/ precis... 10 Tìm nguồn cung ứng sản phẩm, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Nghiên cứu thị trường, Viết diễn văn, Yiddish Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 20175n 7g ₫113636
Kolor Panotour I'm looking for an experienced Kolor Panotour user to compile Tour's from Pano images I supply and using a template that I will give them. I Welcome quotes per Pano Image, so for example your price PER Pano for a 20 Pano Tour. There will be some simple addition of Hotspots and changes to the Zoom settings, addition of music and working from a floor plan (property) but nothing too complex... 1 Công nghệ nano, RWD, Splunk, Yiddish Sep 22, 2017 Sep 22, 20175n 1g ₫398672
Narrate a 295 word text document. Narrate this 295 passage with an understandable,narrative voice (male or female) 8 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Word, Viết diễn văn, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20174n 14g ₫477273
Illustration Project for Nicolas S Hi Nicolas S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 Minh họa, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Thiết kế văn phòng phẩm, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20174n 13g ₫851841
reaching for woordpress partner expert <<< we collected many projects >>> we pay 10hours=50$ -- 2 ___we pay 5$/hours for wordpress woocommerce expert: we will start with 1h of test working in videocall to check your way to work. >>> after this we will buy 50$=10hours for week. ___not all the works have to be done by videocall: >>> after first collaborations, for many others we will assign you the list of things to do. ___We are a young European media agency. we are l... 23 PHP, WordPress, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Thiết kế văn phòng phẩm, Yiddish Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 20174n 6g ₫2840909
Need some translators! Hello! I need some translators of several languages. Please bid only native person. Punjabi Romanian African Icelandic Slovenian Zulu Bengali Xhosa I will be waiting for your proposal. Thanks! 52 Dịch thuật, Voice Talent, Interpreter, Voice Artist, Yiddish Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20173n 16g ₫2590909
môi trường ô nhiễm môi trường [url removed, login to view] 5 PHP, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, HTML, Finale / Sibelius, Yiddish Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 20173n 4g ₫13055555
Telemarket for me - 19/09/2017 14:23 EDT Inside sales Are you a people person with exceptional relationship building skills? Do you like talking on the phone? Are you comfortable making cold calls? Are you a creative problem-solver who proactively finds solutions to problems? Do you want to join a smart, hardworking team at fast-paced company? As a Relationship Manager at Catering Brand, you’ll work directly with our customers to e... 10 Bán hàng, Leads, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Yiddish Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20172n 7g ₫25909091
mata pita construction civil,electrical,mechanichal and manpower supply. 6 Kiến trúc xây dựng, Xây dựng, Thiết kế công trình, Yiddish Sep 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫8647926
dealnews post post a link to [url removed, login to view],50 dollars 1 MySpace, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫4272727
Regional Manager Regional Managers Required for Community Website in the UK. Can be based anywhere in the UK. Should have good interpersonal skills and will be responsible for recruiting, managing, supporting and looking after local businesses while understanding their needs and finding ways to meet them. The Regional Manager will also be involved in the technical aspect of operations and should be able to buil... 1 Nhân sự, Quan hệ công chúng (PR), Thủ tục visa / Nhập cư, Yiddish Aug 25, 2017 Aug 25, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫19557241
opera mini I am trying to make my website display on opera mini browser when users open the opera mini browser. Just like other websites show up when I open my opera mini. This is what I want to do. 0 Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Yiddish Aug 22, 2017 Aug 22, 2017Đã kết thúc -
Tabla lessons - 14/08/2017 09:26 EDT Teach kids tabla, Must be able to speak 1 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, AS400 & iSeries, DOS, Yiddish Aug 14, 2017 Aug 14, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫431818
I would like to hire a Geologist We are a consulting firm. We have soil sampling reports to sign by CEG/RG 11 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Địa chất, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Aug 7, 2017 Aug 7, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫3727273
I'm seeking a freelancer for a Masters thesis on Teacher Trainings in Sri Lanka - 01/08/2017 10:51 EDT How effective are the in-service teacher training provided to teachers in meeting their training requirements 8 Kĩ thuật điện, Sinh học, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Aug 1, 2017 Aug 1, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫3204545
capacitacion en dbexpress I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Express JS, Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology and Yiddish. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $3750 - $11250 MXN. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 2 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Công nghệ nano, Express JS, Yiddish Jul 29, 2017 Jul 29, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫5325284
traduction lang traduction langues 5 Viết du lịch, QuarkXPress, Viết diễn văn, Yiddish Jul 25, 2017 Jul 25, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫8818182
I would like to hire a Copy Typer -- 2 need a letter typed from a hand written copy. [Removed by admin] 2 PHP, HTML, Đánh máy, Yiddish Jul 23, 2017 Hôm nayĐã kết thúc ₫1262613636
momente te bukura momente_tebukura 1 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Thiết kế văn phòng phẩm, Finale / Sibelius, Yiddish Jul 22, 2017 Jul 22, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫13636364
Trả tiền dựa trên mỗi cú nhấp chuột I need people who can increase the number of times my website CLICK. It's the sales page, I do not need the viewer to buy it, but to see as much as possible. You can you let your friend see anyone. Need to have different IP address to click. NOTE: There are different people to see if I can control that. Url: Http://[url removed, login to view] Http://[url removed, login to view] Http://[... 0 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Finale / Sibelius, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 2017Đã kết thúc -
I would like to hire a Copy Typer I need someone who can type from dictation with WordPerfect. 30 PHP, HTML, Đánh máy, Yiddish Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫3136364
I would like to hire a Geologist We have different project in Europe, and we will need a freelance to help our team. Here are the tasks requested: Participating and supervising in geotechnical site investigations including multi-disciplinary methods such as roto-sonic drilling, wire-line coring, CPTs, sea bed CPTs and vibro-coring etc Logging and description of cores and samples to the appropriate standards i.e. BS 5930/EN IS... 9 Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Địa chất, Công nghệ nano, Yiddish Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫14501238
I would like to hire a Copy Typer Letters / Correspondence from Surgeon to other providers and professionals 15 PHP, HTML, Đánh máy, Yiddish Jul 13, 2017 Jul 13, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫377972
ukulele tuner I want a ukulele tuning app. I want one with an arrow that moves to indicate the string's tuning. The arm should either bear left or right to help the user know if they need to tune their strings higher of lower to reach the intended note. Lastly i would like the notes GCEA to be at the top o the ukulele o that the users are aware of what to tune the ukulele to. I've attached a picture... 7 Thiết kế đồ họa, Kĩ thuật vật liệu, Công nghệ nano, Splunk, Yiddish Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫34340909
Translate Something I need a freelancer to help me with translation from Yiddish to [url removed, login to view] topic of the content would be described as Scientific/Academic - so a freelancer with knowledge in this area would be preferable. Time is of the essence, please deliver the translation as soon as you can I have about 100 pages to work on. The source format is from Plain Text. 13 Tiếng Đức, Yiddish Jul 4, 2017 Jul 4, 2017Đã kết thúc ₫1500000
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