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There was a boy named Subrat in a tutorial who had a bad habit or a good habit nobody justify who had converted everything towards his village .Roshan and Latika his classmates also supported him . He did maintain it logically .In other words he tried to proof it by any means . For example if the tutor taught about any character through the chapter he could turn back that same character was also in his [url removed, login to view] he was staying out of his village yet he reminds his village at the time of tution as he was a example boy of the [url removed, login to view] does not behave like this not only in tutorial but also in his school [url removed, login to view] any teacher or madam taught anything through any plot as example or any character as example suddenly he added same fact happened in his [url removed, login to view] was continuing as it was a joke in tutorial for himself and his [url removed, login to view] this way he was some famous.

One day it so happened that he was moving here and there [url removed, login to view] the same idea appeared in his mind as he wanted to get a chance to make somebody foolish giving through his village [url removed, login to view] at the moment two men,Mr. Gril and [url removed, login to view] were discussing about somebody who was related with a band of thieves.

There was such a thief in our village,suddenly Subrat added with them.

Hi.. boy come on ...... do you know that thief? They asked Subrat . Yes I know....in our village...

Subrat said it in a fantastic way but the men recorded his voice [url removed, login to view] started investigation through Subrat. But he could not understand [url removed, login to view] followed the boy and reached his [url removed, login to view] parents became shocked to see his son with two unknown [url removed, login to view] of the two men asked his parents about the theft [url removed, login to view] parents became surprised again.

I could not understand anything what you say--said father.

From your son we got to know... Actually the two men were the two police officer in civil dress as they were searching the information about the theft of that [url removed, login to view] between parents understood everything about their son and his joking idea which he always tried in his tutorial that they have already got information from his tutor as he used to convert everything towards his village.

We are very sorry sirs for our son. It was just his joking.... said parents.

It's OK but you have to warn your ward not to interfere any matter on any [url removed, login to view] they went Subrat's parents scolded him and said, Be serious don't be joke always.

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