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Gob’s art with driftwood and frames

Outside her house, lush plants in nature-sculpted driftwoods attract passersby. Antique rectangle-shaped stones add glitter to an otherwise monotonous garden. A medium size fountain murmurs in the corner.

Inside her domain, magnificent cross-stitched frames dominate her walls. Several old bottles also adorn every corner.

Nurturing plants in driftwood and cross-stitching are just the hobbies of Mrs. Lilia Gob, a retired TLE teacher of Luis Palad National High School.

Mr. Digos Gob, her late husband and also a former employee of LPNHS, once recalled that his wife could have gotten herself into big business if only she allowed her hobby to be a venue for a very profitable venture. “Many friends and guests who visited our place were very fascinated. They wanted to buy them for a very big sum. She did not sell them,” said Mr. Gob.

“I am very happy with my work. If I part with them, I will be lonely. I will miss them. Why should I take them away from me?” Mrs. Gob explained.

Mrs. Gob’s hobby underwent many stages. Mr. Gob said that his wife’s early hobbies included crocheting and collecting cacti and stamps.

He recalled that their front yard then was full of different varieties of cacti. But dogs and other animals destroyed them because of their luscious sap.

When her interest in cacti died down, she shifted to collecting beautiful orchids. Their windows and their surroundings radiated with different orchids. She also started collecting driftwood where she mounted her orchids.

Robbers stole her orchids because of their high prices. She was very angry then. She cried. She spent so much for them and now they were gone. What were left were bare driftwoods.

Then she shifted to cross-stitching. Mr. Gob thought his wife did not want to work anymore outside their house.

Mrs. Gob’s life became a very silent one as she got herself engrossed in her cross-stitching. She gave them as gift to friends. She displayed some on their walls. Because they were beautiful, many wanted to buy them. She did not sell those that were displayed.

At present, Mrs. Gob has a big collection of still unframed cross-stitched projects. Now a widow, she is hoping that her children, now all married, will put them in frames and take care of them.

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