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fake visitor generation program

fake visitor generation program

a program like [url removed, login to view] check the software and download it so you can see what the software does.

Software requirements

ability to send a mass amount of traffic to any given url(s) at the same time so you do not have to just enter one url.


ipaddress1 goes to url1

ipaddress2 goes to url2

and so on this will make the visitor look like it is going through the website or websites.

DIfferent amounts of threads up to 50 threads so the people with a dedicated connection can fully maximize the software.

Server must recognize the visit as a real visit and not a spam hit or fake visitor. So in the program you can set the

browser (ie,netscape or any other or randomize them)

operating system (windows,linux and randomize them)

referral url (set the url where the visitor came from or enter a list of urls to be used and be able to be randomized)

Ability to set the max amount of users per hour.

ability to set the time length of the connection so it will look like the visitor is browsing but must kill the connection after set amount of time is done.

registration key generator

proxy list updator

must be able to use a get or post method also. So like a voting site it will pass a parameter to the site.


project requirement

must be able to make this visitors real even when tested on spam sending sites. Must be able to out perform [url removed, login to view] software by a huge rate. Must allow all hits to go through so no ip is unused. A very professional gui must be created so I can configure the site around the design. Must send demos and screenshots or emails about what is being created so I know you are accomplishing [url removed, login to view] you think you understand how to accomplish all of this but are not too sure please do not bid. Must be able to send valid visitors to sites that pay for traffic as in. We pay you .03 cents for all visitors you send,this software must make the site think these are real visitors and not spam hits. A bonus of $[url removed, login to view] will be added to the total if project is completed in under 2 weeks

If you understand how this type of software can be created and how to add other features that you feel will make this better of a program please tell me because thats how I am basing the bid and winner on. Write about this software and how you will make it the best around plus give a decent time amount for completion.

Must be able to adapt to changes as they can happen as the project proceeds

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