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We are looking for a creative writer to help in the process of character building and story building surrounding our protagonist to be used in our ongoing comic to be used for social media platforms. Think of the short attention span when it comes to mediums on social outlets. Each new installation will feature 100 words or less as narration.

Our protagonist is a man from the Victorian era (1837-1901), who is filled with internal strife because he is a man attracted to men but shows disdain towards homosexuality because society forced him to repress his true self. He is a character that should shock and even possibly offend the reader while bringing about the realization he is just hiding his true self. A product of his society and his own reverence as a man’s man of the times consumed with the arrogance of his perceived superiority of intellect and sophistication. Is confident he has everyone fooled of his true desire but the joke is on him.

The story will follow a guideline of time traveling with a heavy emphasis on quantum mechanics with a dash of steam punk (from his era/time&space). With the format though we must convey this as simply as possible. No one is going to want to digest and look up quantum physics to be able to enjoy the story. As well we can use some creative liberties. We are just looking for a sense of style and creative writing ability, learning some and using Victorian slang at times would be a plus (there is an online dictionary based on the Victorian era diction.) Someone who can empathize with his inability to be who he really is (a male attracted to men) is a crucial selling point.

As he travels he will be setting right what he views as injustices. Everything can evolve and will though this is the base we want to build on.

We are leaving a lot of room for brainstorming and creative freedom though there will be oversight and consultation from us. The sample should be 500 words max (want to leave room to see where you can head while sampling ability at brevity), again all future segments will be low in word count.

Think Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons) complex and offensive character who is so obvious his anger is misguided it brings out an empathetic reaction from the reader.

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