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Design a PCB to Control a Vehicle Barrier

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We are manufacturing a Vehicle Barrier and need the Electronics to control it.

The barrier will move from position 0 deg to 90 Deg, using a 24 VDC motor

We need a pulse to open the gate (from 0 to 90 Deg) and another pulse to close it (90 Deg Down to 0 Deg)

When we send an open pulse the barrier should start to move fast, to open the barrier as fast as possible. About 10 Degs before (80 Deg when opening) the gate should down the speed to avoid damage to the barrier. This is posible because we have limit switch, either for open and for close (2 limit Switch).

Once the limit switch have contact then we reduce the speed, our transformer have 2 different AC Voltages, these Voltages are redirected (the first one or the second one) to a bridge rectifier and then to the motor.

We should change from high dc voltage to low dc voltage using a solid state relay. We connect the High voltage, high speed to Normally Close , low Voltage to Normally open and we will send the corresponding voltage using the common pin. The relay should be activated when the limit switch is reached.

The Electronics should monitor the Motor, when the motor reaches a physical limit, the Motor will be stop by the electronics, we must monitor the current (or voltage) of the motor, so that if the barrier detect an obstacle should stop.

We need a potentiometer here to increase or reduce the sensitivity of the opamp. There are 2 type of obstacles, the one that is for end of the move (I mean at 90 deg we have a physical obstacle inside) or, if the gate is closing and someone is in the middle of the road, we should detect the obstacle and open again the gate. This is to avoid permament problems to the gate or damage to cars.

We also need some security rules.

1.- Infrared lights, we need a Normally close switch here, if this switch is open then the barrier should not operate.

2.- Immediate Close. We need this feature to automatically close the barrier when someone enters. I mean, we push the open switch and then , when the car is inside the barrier will automatically close the gate. But we need to put attention about the state of the infrared switch, we cannot close the gate if the Infrared switch is open.

We need these inputs.

Common - used by some functions.

Close Port

Open Port

Infrared Port

Immediate Close Port

Common Limit

Open Limit

Close Limit



Red Port

Green Port

Blue Port

(the 3 above is to be used with a Led Strip). These 3 port must be driven with a PWM Transistor each one

24 VDC (For accesories)

Would be great to have a debug port, either Bluetooth, Wifi. RJ45 Ethernet.

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