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Logo redesign.

Brief for logo & iconography


We are looking to refine/overhaul our existing logo to meet our growth agenda, evolving the brand and place in the market.


Oneflare has been in business since 2011. It has had a number of iterations and a couple of logos, largely based on what’s happening overseas.

What is Oneflare:

Oneflare connects people who need jobs done with businesses who have the skills to do the work. Using unique matching technology, Oneflare puts over 62,000 customers per month, in touch with over 92,000 businesses. Across the country Oneflare gets jobs done, by supporting small businesses across over 150 different categories.

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What will Oneflare be:

We want to be a discerning platform of choice that has quality and qualified businesses want to be a part of. It’s a place where consumes know they can find an array of trusted businesses that will help them get their jobs done.

Our current archetype:

Our current archetype is that of everyman and nurturer. We’ve been soft and not wanted to market ourselves, taking pride in a gentle approach to marketing. However, this has left our audiences with little understanding of who we are and limited market penetration.

We want to move to a hero archetype:

As a challenger brand in market (HiPages is market leader - although only just and through the fact they have the most activity in market), we need to be stronger, more resilient and make a strong stand for our users, hence the move towards a hero standpoint.

As a hero brand we are:

Not easily discouraged

We thrive on challenges (to grow your business, to fix the job that needs doing).

We go out of our way to solve the issues of our businesses and consumers who need jobs done.

We believe we can improve current processes.

We empower others.

We provide leadership (for the category and to businesses who are looking to grow).

We want to move to a place where we are noble, just, we are relied upon and we are reliable.

Our values:

We are accessible

We are problem solvers


Driven, yet disciplined


Assertive and not afraid to push for what we believe in.

We are fair.

We stand for small business

We are of the highest quality

The user mindset:

The Oneflare consumer is in any number of states when they are using our platform:

Stressed - there was a drama - something broke that shouldn’t have.

They need work done - they are renovating

They need to fix something - something niggly

The businesses who use us are:

New to the workforce and looking to grow their business.

Sole traders and looking for a steady stream of work.

Some of the product benefits include:

Finding businesses who can solve your work needs within 24-48 hours

Free for consumers to use

No sign-up fees for businesses, no contracts, quote on the jobs you want.

The design

What do we want?

We want to re-evaluate the entire logo proposition.

Currently our logo is black or white reverse from black or green (#42bf8d). It has a “firework” as the “o”. We can revisit this if required.

As per the above, we are looking to move to a space of strength and growth - to be the go to solution for businesses who are looking to find work and for consumers who need something fixed around their home.

What we need help with:

Our logo design.

Colour (although there is a heavy investment in the green - no studies have been undertaken to identify whether this resonates with users in a two sided marketplace).

We don’t want to define what the colour scheme is - but we have invested in green.

Want to stay away from colours used by competitors - orange and blue.

Want to ensure we don’t copy peers from US and UK.

While we are keeping the Oneflare name, we may need to move away from using the Firework in the “o” - depending on what is deemed effective.

Would like a logo that works in a multiple of situations - particularly online, works reverse, landscape and portrait, is noticeable at a distance (shirts, banners, flags).

We want a logo that starts to showcase what we do - matching businesses with consumers.

Our competitors:

Hipages - uses an orange in logo

ServiceSeeking - uses blues, like any corporate


We are working up a strapline and will need to develop a lock up that includes the strapline.

The logo will need to work with the strap and without.

In keeping with the Hero archetype, we are keen to make this look more masculine - and strong edged.

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