Draw a complex and detail rich card for a playing card game

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I would like to sell a custom playing card deck for collectors via kickstarter. For this project I am looking for a an artist/illustrator to draw my custom cards. I am no artist but I have a couple of ideas that I need to be implement in my deck and each drawing. To get this started I would like to see how you work and if your drawing style fits my vision. Therefore I offer a 1 card project first and if everything is alright there will be 53 more to go and hopefully in the future also more decks.

Here is what I am looking for:

Legal stuff

Ofc full commercial and exclusive rights to all drawings (you can´t use them yourself later)

Unique drawings, no 100% copies or stolen content (sry to point that out but I had already a freelancer with that issue)

You can not use these drawings in any other project, I have all rights to it!

Artist/Design stuff

Theme is historical, I will provide figures/objects to be drawn

Think of this card as a complex painting where they eye can discover details

Style is serious and realistic with aging effects

Each card has a suite symbol (heart, diamond ect.), a figure, a background and 1-2 items in it

All these objects have to be fitted to each other, not simply put on a card and hope it works

For more details check out this project as a reference: [url removed, login to view] (the “queen of clubs” or the “king of hearts” are good examples of what I am looking for)

For the main project later all 4 suites are drawn once and extra paid so that this object is no more work for each card. For this one card you can use an easy suite drawing as example.


I provide an object list(suite, item, background and figure) and you send me back a sketch of all these objects on a card so that I not only see the objects but also how they fit together on one card

Sketch can be hand pencil non fancy drawn to give me an impression. Please add 1-2 sentences to a sketch/card to point out features to look for.

I send back feedback and if we agree on the design you start drawing the real version

I need all drawings on the real card in the same format and on adobe illustrator readable format!

All later cards have to use the same style so that the deck doesn´t look random

I hope this description covers most of the stuff and I am now looking forward to your response. Also if you have some feedback on the project and ideas how to improve the process I would like to hear them.



PS: If you apply then please add some links to your content so that I get an idea of your painting style.

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