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BellaMae01 Only Ongoing Proofreading -- Invitation Only Job, Please Don't Bid Unless Invited To

Dự án này đã kết thúc thành công bởi BellaMae01 với giá $16 USD / hour trong 6 ngày.

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$15 - $25 USD / hour
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6 ngày
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Hi, this is Pat for Kim. I'm going to set you up with 1 hour of work per month at your rate. Then, when there is a project, I'll change that to hours necessary to complete on the project currently offered to you, then set a milestone for that specific project/batch of projects, then release the funds for that milestone when I get your impeccable work back.

Things will be really slow for a couple of weeks because I have to switch from LinkedIn and MagEzine content to get Twitter set up. Then I will be returning to churning out content, articles, ebooks, etc.

Note: While speed is, of course, very much appreciated, please always take a little extra time to do due diligence in proofreading your proofread version before sending it back. When we really get rolling, we just won't have time on this end to do any double-checking. We'd rather pay you for an extra 10 minutes or whatever! Also, we will need to use time-tracker on these projects because they bill out to various departments internally. So please make sure the tracked time reflects the exact document you are tracking.

One more thing for now. Please don't change the title of the document other than to ad a hyphen at the end of it and your identity as it appears here on Freelancer on the copy showing the tracked changes. Then also send a copy of the document with all the edits you made accepted, and ad a hyphen and the word FINAL to that version. Again, this takes a few more minutes, and that is okay. That's all I can think of for now.

I'll stay logged in here today in case you have questions. Then I'll likely be absent for a couple weeks. I'm going to figure out if I can be added as an administrator to Kim's account so I'll also see any chat texts Freelancer delivers by email. Will let you know.

We look forward to working with you!

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