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The major purpose of this assignment is for the student to identify, research and propose a solution to an educational policy problem and make an educated prediction of what impact it will have on the future of education in the 21st century and why.

***All research must be directly related to education and its impact on the future of learning.

Policy Options Brief: Each student will write an original, mostly factual, researched

6-page minimum (not counting the title page, bibliography or abstract page), double spaced, 12 font Policy Brief.

The student must use at least four print sources and at least one human resource (interviewee).

Citations and source recognition throughout the paper is required.

Possible topics follow. The report must be typed and contain the following essential elements:

• Title Page (One Page): Policy Report Title and Student’s Name

• Executive Summary/Abstract Page (One Page) and to be distributed to all peers.

Contains main information/ideas found in research. Provide a copy for each student in class.

• Research Paper- number pages, include citations for all information

• Bibliography – also, at bottom of Bib., include name and information about interviewee (title)

• Interview questions on separate page

 Introduction and Statement of the Problem , main idea development with proper paragraphing, supporting details, integrated sources, and a conclusion

 Background Information and Research Data

 To include, IF APPLICABLE: historical; organizational; economic; political; societal; etc., information and data

 Focus on NEW, unchartered information and research of topic

 Policy Options and/or realistic Alternatives (solutions) based on research and in class discussions.

Include human resource responses to your interview questions (limit quotes!...paraphrase) throughout the paper where appropriate to content.

 Recommendations and Predictions of future effects on schools.

The Powerpoint or Prezi presentation (at least 30 minutes) must include:

 at least two video clips to supplement the material presented in PP

 contains all main concepts presented from research – NEW information is required

 propose a solution to an educational policy problem and make an educated prediction of what impact it will have on the future of education in the 21st century and why.

 presentation must be thorough and comprehensive

 last slide a Bibliography with at least 4 print resources and one human resource (interviewee)

 Cite a resource on every slide plus the topic name

 no narratives, only bullets – supplemental cards may be used by the presenter

 can NOT be read from original paper

ORAL/VISUAL PRESENTATION will be graded on the following criteria;

1. Speech, stance, and overall fluidness and presentation of content considered for grade

2. Thoroughness, uniqueness of content and extended knowledge presented.

3. PowerPoint visual appeal (background, special effects, graphics, etc.)

4. The effectiveness and additional knowledge gained from the two videos

5. Overall presentation of material and creativity

6. Bibliography of resources

7. Each slide having the content name of the presentation and brief resource (author’s last name)

LINK TO SOURCE THAT HAS TO BE USED[url removed, login to view]

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