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I would like to visualize daily measurements like in attachment.


- Daily csv's, about 3000 rows.

- Structure of fields: Date, 4 "categorization" field, metric value. (The 4 category together is unique per file.)

Output should be one website, where user can choose any combination of above field, and the result will be a chart with the historic data. Grouping of the data is also needed by week and months.

- I am thinking of a Graphite/Grafana based solution, but you can choose free any other technology.

- Cloud based solutions shouldn't be used.

Preferred additional features:

- Detecting sudden increase/decrease, trends.

- Detecting when there is data for new combination of ID_1,2,3,4.

- Listing where previously existing data is missing on the given day.

Kỹ năng: Phân tích, Statistics, Quản trị hệ thống, Visualization

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