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Dự án này đã nhận được 10 lượt đặt giá từ các freelancer tài năng với mức đặt giá trung bình là $27 USD.

Nhận tin báo giá cho dự án tương tự
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$10 - $30 USD
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Welcome to the Appi Travels Residual Compensation plan.

What your about to see is the most lucrative compensation plan in this industry...bar none!

A proven system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately.

Our Affiliate Network and Travel products deliver best-in-class!

Complete Global solution to secure and benefit all our Affiliates.

Unlimited Income + 100% Matching Bonus on all your referrals.

Earn commissions today, GET PAID THE SAME DAY!

The more you share APPI TRAVELS the more FREE TRAVEL POINTS.

 Receive a True residual income that is a recurring income.

This phenomenal Appi Travels Affiliates portal opportunity has 2 different entry levels.

Explorer is a $50 level plus a $25 admin fee and the Navigator is a $300 level plus a $50 admin fee.

100% Residual Referral Matching Bonus (In short RRMB); For every affiliate that you refer you will receive a 100% RRMB, not only on their revenue but also on their travel points.

For example; If ONE of your referrals makes $100 a day, you as a referrer also get paid $100 the same day. That is a whopping $100 x 30 Days. That equals to $3000 a month. That’s just with one referral! Imagine if you have 10 referrals earning $100 a day each. That equals to $30,000 a month. Your potential earnings are limitless!

Free Travel Points; That’s right! You not only receive a phenomenal residual income. Travel points accumulate very quickly. You get to travel for free and this is unlimited. You use your travel points to travel. Trust us, you will be able to travel the world for free.

A true Residual Income

True residual income is a recurring income of your last month’s income with the same affiliates. Example: If you earned $9500 in commissions + [url removed, login to view] travel points last month with your organization, you will start the next month with $9500 in commissions + [url removed, login to view] travel points.

Let’s show you how this phenomenal compensation plan works

It is all about MULTIPLYING TO INFINITY wide and deep! The potential is HUGE!

The Magic begins when you refer your 1st affiliate. With every referral, you start a new powerline for you, creating a very powerful income.

You pass up all EVEN referrals. You keep all your UNEVEN (Odd) referrals.

This goes on infinity wide and infinity depth!

Here is an example of the Navigator $300 level and having referred just one affiliate, who referred 4 affiliates, and they referred 4 affiliates each, 3 levels deep.

This is you and you refer Jane, you’ve earned $150 in commissions plus 500 free travel points.

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