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Filming a nature scene - 10min of video

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If it weren't winter, I would film this myself here in Vermont, but I need a scene videotaped of a line of trees (Such as the edge of a forest) with lots of sky in it for a video project.

All you would have to do is set up a tripod, make sure the camera doesn't shake, and film a line of trees in the distance with nothing in the foreground for about 10 minutes.

You need to be someplace where the trees are green and not covered in snow, or without leaves. I need to insert this in the background of a video shot with greenscreen (I will do that part) so that it looks like it was live outdoors. I need to be able to see clouds moving, and occasional bird fly by, the trees moving in the breeze, things like that which would not happen by using a still shot for the background. I don't need all of those elements, just 10 minutes of footage from a stable camera on a tripod that never moves aimed at a stand of trees and captures whatever happens.

4K video would be great, but I can make do with 1080p. I will upload a couple images of the type of scene I want to capture. If you have a scene like this anywhere near you and can film it for 10 minutes, that's all I need. I do not need to see the ground in front of the trees. Mostly just from the bottom of the tree trunks and up. The shot should include large trees at a distance and a good portion of sky.

If I were filming at whatever location Trees [url removed, login to view] was in, I would move the camera up to eliminate most of the ground. Trees [url removed, login to view] is framed perfectly. It doesn't have to be a stunning day as in the 03 shot, but not raining. Here's the hard part. I need it in a few days to a week.

Any takers?

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