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Build a Website using HTML5 with external CSS and Javascript sheet

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I need the following project created( see screenshot of output) In the file output, please send all of files including all of the TXT files for HTML5 file, CSS file, and Javascript file. This website wont be going live, I just need to test for a client.

Here are the requirements- also could look at screenshot as well.

I need a validation form with outside and inside type of border as you see in the attached output file.   

A. There is a header with background color light blue.

b. The form will start with a label called “title” with text area to let the user to enter his words, when the user click in to enter his words the background color became yellow.

c. After that there is a label “Description” where the user can enter his own input in the text area. When the user clicks in to enter his words the background color became yellow. The size for this text area is larger than the “Title” area as you see in the attached output file.

d. There is a “Group List” to let the user to select his “Choose Group” options “Public, Professional, Clouds, Technology, and Computer”.

e. You have another option list for “Software” with option list “jQuery, JavaScript, and nodejs”.

f. There is a label for “School & Departments”, when the user type the first letters in the text area an option list will display and he can select one of the option lists “Engineering, Math, Business, and Arts”.

g. To the right of the options list you see a radio check for “Copyright?” for “All rights reserved” and “Others”.

h. Following the “Copyright?” there is a group for check box for “Others”. Which include “Free, 50%, Free Trail, and One Semester”.

I. Under that group, there is label “I accept the software license” with a check box for the user to check. There is a background light blue color.

j. After that there is a label “Rate this software:” The user can select a number from 1 to 5.

k. To the right of those groups, there are labels with text area where the user can enter his “Start Date” and “End Date”.

L. Last part with a background light blue includes two buttons one for “Submit Query” and one for “Clear Form”.


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