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AWS Lambda & API Gateway for Puppeteer

$10-30 USD

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$10-30 USD

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I'm looking to automate a series of web scraping tasks using Puppeteer, and wish to build an API to manage and trigger these tasks. I plan to use AWS Lambda to execute these scripts and API Gateway to provide access to the functions. Key requirements for the project include: - Setting up AWS Lambda to run Puppeteer scripts for web scraping. - Configuring those scripts to automate data gathering and downloading. - Creating an API on API Gateway to manage the tasks, trigger the scripts, and return results. -it should bifurcates any social media links on the website - it should return a json with website text, links, social media texts. The ideal candidate would be a developer with: - Experience in AWS Lambda and API Gateway. - Prior work with Puppeteer for web scraping. - Strong background in creating APIs. - Familiarity with MongoDB, as this is my preferred data storage solution. Please include a detailed project proposal in your application. I look forward to seeing how you intend to approach this task.
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As an AWS DevOps engineer with a specialist focus on Kubernetes, I bring an abundance of relevant skills to the table for your AWS Lambda and API Gateway project. My comprehensive expertise in AWS Cloud services and Docker paired with my adeptness in Linux system administration make me highly adaptable to your specific task requirements. In addition, my experience with orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Terraform enables me to effectively streamline your web scraping automation process. Moreover, I have hands-on experience with Puppeteer for web scraping, which is indispensable for successfully executing your data gathering and downloading tasks. Building reliable APIs is an essential part of my daily work routine so creating one on API Gateway to manage, trigger scripts, and deliver results would be an effortless task for me. Finally, while MongoDB not being my prime storage solution for data, I am incredibly capable of working with it. Similarly, proficiency in Node.js (used by Puppeteer) alongside Python(aws sdk lambda functions) equips me to handle any coding paradigm within the project. With my diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to 100% client satisfaction,I'll be your best investment choice.
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With an aptitude for Node.js, Python, and Web Scraping, I'm confident that I'm your best bet for your AWS Lambda and API Gateway project with Puppeteer. My adventure into web development, coupled with my solid understanding of these technologies and my strong comprehensive abilities perfectly match the job Mandate. Regardless of my level of expertise compared to pros, my energy, critical thinking strength, and zeal distinguishes me in the dynamic world of web development. I understand that you have preferred MongoDB for data storage. Although it is not listed in my skills explicitly, trust me when I say that I am quick to study so it would not pose any imminent challenge for me. Not only do I master tools such as Adobe Creative Suite which can come handy during the process but also efficiently design user interface elements and this can augment the success rate of your project significantly. In conclusion, my aim will be to leverage my current technical knowledge and enthusiastic spirit to create a user-friendly interface-centric project that suits your needs most innovatively. Finally, a harmonious collaboration between us will generate results you're seeking while also giving me opportunities for growth and elevating my career in this domainatic perspective
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I’m really interested to do this project with have a some of the experience with it, maybe I’m sure I’ll give my best in this project.
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Dallas, United States
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