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The software consists of a game on transport and sustainability. Through two twin Tangit tables (in form and design of software) suitable for use in 8 children 5 to 14 years, where he handled various size objects (bridges, trains, cars, tunnels, etc..) That interact with the own table.

The software installed on the table Tangit have 4 different game options (routes in Spain). Each of these routes will have a different trajectory and therefore a different interaction, but the game structure is the same in the 4 options.

The goal of the game is that participants choose to make the route, adequate transportation and create an optimal route for the environment. So if they decide to take a trip to harm the ecosystem, the display should indicate, through color and changes in the environment, the action is incorrect.

To achieve the goal, additional information will help, you will find in the lower right corner of the table as a mini-screen.

Here, we describe the proposal of one of the 4 routes for further design and implementation.


Tangit table will be connected to a slave screen where participants will be looking at the overall result of their actions.

When participants access to the game, the first thing they find is a geographical image of the actual path Asturias ([url removed, login to view] image similar to the game. html). This image can be enlarged and / or down to see "the detail" by touch (similar to how the iPhone Touch.)

The first thing you have to make the participants will choose the type of transport by which travel along the route. To do this, you will find in the lower right corner of the table a small display that shows the different transportation options:

• Airplane

• Car

• Bus

• Train

Participants should click on the type of transport which they wish to be informed by a pop up of the impact that transportation has on the environment (information relating to emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases, travel time, energy use renewable or nonrenewable, etc.) These data shall be conclusive for the determination of transport choices. Once elected, must drag it to the starting point of the route. To activate the game have to be placed next to the selected carrier, a piece (road, track or runway) to activate the game. From this moment begins the path to where it appears the first step to decide.

If participants have chosen any other option than the train, as it progresses through its transport route, the color tone of the screen has to change from green to gray in a moderate tone. Since the negative impact on the environment will increase. The same will happen with the options for choosing to go the route (including the option to train).


If they choose to train, car or bus:

1st question to decide: they find during their path to an urbanized area, must decide whether to dispense with it, transfer your route in a different way or place it elsewhere in the environment. Depending on your choice will appear in the information screen at the bottom right on how to operate if they choose one option or another, as well as a change in the tone of the colors from green to gray in the main frame. Example: If you choose the option to get rid of urbanization must click on an "x" appears in a small corner of the urbanization. If they choose to move it elsewhere in the environment, the software will inform you of the possibilities in the new location and shall be performed with objects with volume, in the same way that if they deviate (by putting a road or highway for diversion).

2 nd issue to decide: to continue the path they will find a lake or reservoir. At this time to decide whether to place a physical bridge, diverting the river (through the placement of an object with volume) or surround (through the placement of roads or highways). Depending on your choice the so

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