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Hello, my name is Johanne Medina. Most people in the US know me as John. I am a musician by heart and this is my hobby. Some day I dream of being able to support my family by working in music. This idea came to me because to fulfill my dream, the first thing I thought is, how do I find places that will hire me to play? how do bands/performers find gigs? Also the other end of the questions is how local businesses find entertainment for their business?

Finally it hit me… If i am a musician and I want to work by playing gigs in different places, i would love to find a place (app), where I could search for venues anywhere in the world (but for now the idea US only) send my demos to those places and plan my full year anywhere i want, as long as the venue accept me of course. Imagine musicians having their profiles, with ratings, and likes etcc.. so they build their reputation and businesses could refer to this to hire them.

Basically you can connect musicians with musicians, musicians with businesses, businesses or performing venues with musicians. you could have full band profiles or individual musicians and even a business could chose different musicians to create a combination they would like. To go a bit beyond, imagine inserting a PR or Marketing tool that will help the business and the musician market their shows in advance locally or nationally.

i think this could build into a huge network where even publishers can use to find talent and musicians could also send their stuff to publishers. Also you can add a network of producers, sound engineers the whole works.

I want to travel 50 states in 52 weeks and plan it all in one app. The app has to be a powerful tool in every way. Imagine that you could pair different musicians schedules in a year and share costs with musicians who have similar cities/places they are also going. The app will allow musicians to do budget, planning, calendar, event sell their music or souvenirs.

Imagine a band, any type, that can go on this app and plan everything. The same goes for businesses and publishers, they will have access to an unlimited network.

In the end it will all be about the "stars" or "trust" that each musician or band or business creates as the experience each venue. The more stars, more trust and great positive effect for profiling. Kind of like eBay does for sellers and buyers. Kind of what Facebook does to connect people.

Imagine a Singer who does not have a band. He/She can connect with other musicians, make the band, and hit it off.

Imagine an unlimited network of restaurants, hotels, venues listed and available. Even wedding planners, maybe we can add photographers too and other artists.. jajaja!!

I will stop now. This is the basic idea I have. I would like to realistically complete this in the next 6 months to a year. If it can be done in less, perfect. I also understand that with apps anything could change dramatically and it will only take another idea to kill the one you have and I want to make this one great and cover as many angles as possible. I know in my heart this will change the lives of struggling, hidden, an unrecognized talented musicians and provide a secure way to make a decent living.. as long as you can play!!

Best regards,

John Medina

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