Write an Arduino sketch to operate a dc motor and 2 servos

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I have an Arduino Uno and L293D motor shield. I have a 12v, 100 rpm DC motor and 2 180 deg 5v servos. I want to be able to operate the DC motor at a constant speed in both the clockwise and counterclockwise direction for a full 360 degs, stopping and starting at any point during the rotation. Each of the 2 servos also need to function in the same manner as the DC motor although their range of motion will be limited to less than their full 180 deg of travel.

Also, the H/w list includes 2 2-axis joysticks and 12v to 5v converter in addition to the Arduino Uno, L293D motor shield, dc motor and 2 servos

Because of this I’ll need the ability to set limits of travel in each direction of the servos so they won’t hit up against any physical part. I also want to be able to control any bounce and dead band so that the motor and servos operate smoothly.

I need the capability potentially reduce the speed of the servos and DC motor. I won’t know what the best speed for each will be until I test each using the actual hardware. These systems are to be used on a robot that I’m building. The DC motor is for dome rotation, one servo will rotate the eyeball/eyestalk up and down and one servo will operate a mechanical iris to ‘blink’ the eye. I have a military style flt control stick which is wired with a ‘Cooley Hat’ for up/down (eye stalk) and left/right (dome rotation) as well as several other buttons including a momentary contact rocker switch for iris control.

If you happen to be familiar with ‘Daleks’ from the Dr Who tv show, I’m building an operator-on-the inside fully motorized Dalek. It would be beneficial if the freelancer possessed expertise in connecting the components to the Arduino rather than just writing the code (software).

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