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163306 Desktop app. / Browser shades

We'll need you to create a desktop app with sys tray icon, incl some options, add to context menu, and UI.

Original Concept:

1. The general idea is that users will be able to browse the internet without having to "see" ads that are there. Instead of blocking them, like everyone else does, this app will allow users to draw a shade over any particular annoying/distracting ad they choose. For the user, it will be as simple as drawing a rectangle over any ad, and that area will turn to white (or other color they choose).

2. An option they will have will be as follows: instead of "whiting out" ads, per the method above, the user will have an option to go to smart mode, which will allow him to, instead of drawing rectangle over ads/areas of disinterest on his browser, he'll draw the rectangle over the area he IS interested in, and everything ELSE will receive the white out. Kindof like when you do screen capture and you define your area of interest on the page. This will allow the user to surf the internet, do his research, read his emails much more efficiently and with a lot less distractions. Ads will still "be" there, no ads will be "blocked". Rather, the areas of virtual whiteout, will be like he's drawn virtual shades. I don't know if the actual shades will be drawn on his desktop or in some "virtual" layer that would be in essence somewhere between his desktop and the browser, if that's even possible.

Features/Options to include:

1. Offer to remember specific size shades(rectangles) that user draws over particular areas, and the option to name them. For example, he might choose "body of email" or "fav_webpage_body" where "body" simply implies the area he always focuses on when he comes to a particular webpage, and everything OUTSIDE that defined area gets whited out/shaded out. Users could obviously choose any name they want, even name the shades by the actual Ad that's normally in that spot.

2. User should be able to browse with the desktop application on, in "autosave" mode, if he wants. Autosave will remember the user's shades and what URL they're on, so that when he revisits that page (eg checks his yahoo email the next day), it will automatically "remember" to place those shades". User should be able to edit previously-recorded shades(delete, resize, rename).

3. If user resizes his browser window, and he's already defined shades (over banners or annoying ads), your code should increase/decrease the size of the overlying shades appropriately/commensurately (by the same amount).

4. Ideal use would be: user is surfing the net, and he comes across a page he's trying to research or concentrate on but annoying moving ads distract him from his work or are just plain annoying. So he RIGHT CLICKS and from the context menu he "activates"the program, which should also


i. exe with installer and usual options to add to systray, add to startup, etc.

ii. demo version x 20 days

iii. a method to upgrade/convert a paying customer to full version.

*** Bids up to a maximum of $200. None over and no hourlies will be considered. Anticipated ETA 7-10 days. An NDA will be required before project award. Full payment on delivery via your method of choice, paypal, escrow, etc.



Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, ASP, Lập trình C, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic

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