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mips assembly -- 2


Write a complete program that prompts the user for the coefficients a, b, and c of a quadratic equation

ax2 + bx + c = 0 and outputs the solutions as shown. discriminant = b2

– 4ac

Use single precision floating point.

1. main() – prompt the user for a, b, and c, call solveqe to solve the equation, and display the results using the

return value from solveqe.

2. int solveqe(float a, float b, float c) – solve for solutions, return status in v0:

a. v0:

-1: imaginary,

0: not quadratic,

1: 1 solution, x in f0, or

2: 2 solutions, x1, x2 in f0 and f1.

b. Must call sqrt to compute the square root.

c. Must be a reentrant subprogram and use register call convention.

3. float sqrt(float x) – return the square root of x

Required I/O:

Quadratic Equation Solver by F. Last

Enter values for a? #

Enter values for b? #

Enter values for c? #

is a blank line. F. Last is your first initial and last name, # is user input.

1. If a = 0 && b = 0:

Not a quadratic equation.

2. If a = 0 and b != 0, linear equation, x = -c / b

x = #.#

3. If discriminant < 0:

Roots are imaginary.

4. Otherwise

x1 = #.#

x2 = #.#

#.# are replaced with calculated root(s)


solveqe pseudocode:

if a = 0

if b = 0

return 0 (v0)


x = -c / b

return 1, x (v0, f0)

d = b2

– 4ac

if (d < 0)

return -1 (v0)

else {

compute x1 and x2

return 2, x1, x2 (v0, f0, f1)


* ONLY main will output anything

* sovleqe and sqrt DO NOT output anything.

* sqrt.f can be used in procedure sqrt or you can implement your own

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