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Design a label for a lemon liquor In labels pdf you can see the current label design. In softproof pdf you can see the file from print company. I need a new label design with the same dimension, same font, same colors. The difference is: -in top logo (lemon and ginger) -ingredients -alcohol Text: LEMONARO Alkoholna pijača iz žganja in limoninega soka. Sestavine: žganje (50%), sladkor (5%), ekološki limo... 7 Thiết kế Banner, Thiết kế đồ họa, Thiết kế biểu tượng, Thiết kế nhãn hiệu, Thiết kế Photoshop Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20174n ₫1068182
Design a Hair Product Label that is Clean, portrays Confidence, and is BOLD The winner of this contest will submit a product label that has a similar feel to the ones I uploaded here but yet looks more professional, aligned, and clean. The product name is BOLD so you get the idea, I need the design to be BOLD yet simple and contemporary. I do not want something that gives people a headache when looking at it. Product is for hair growth (must have a symbol for Hair lik... 70 Thiết kế đồ họa, Thiết kế nhãn hiệu, Thiết kế logo, Thiết kế sản phẩm Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 20172n 10g ₫2500000
Design a logo for the word "Schmick" the logo is to be designed for a brand focusing on hair products, shavers, perfume toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. You are to design a logo for the word "Schmick". The logo must be very creative like other products nice fancy font can use the following colours: black, yellow or gold, blue and red The design is to be suited for the theme of selling headphones, speakers, sound electronics etc. 444 Thiết kế sách quảng cáo, Thiết kế thời trang, Thiết kế nhãn hiệu, Thiết kế logo, Thiết kế bao bì Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 201713n 18g ₫4431818
Label Design concept We are looking for someone to give us a design concept for the front of our new product label. The product is a mood enhancing vegan supplement. Specifications, Logos and examples of labels we like are attached. The chosen applicant will receive an offer for another job at a later date. Kind regards, George 34 Thiết kế sách quảng cáo, Bao bì & Đóng gói, Thiết kế đồ họa, Thiết kế nhãn hiệu, Thiết kế Photoshop Sep 27, 2017 Sep 27, 20175n 7g ₫1795455
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