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Export odds from Betfair to Excel and betting bot

BEWARE: I want a Free Betfair API expert that already has parts of the job done. All this doesn’t require great programming skills (I could probably do this myself), but requires a good knowledge of Betfair API, in order to handle eventual errors in bet placement process, and to appropriately queue the various requests to Betfair server. It’s also required to not incur in charges from betfair for too many requests to their server. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is not for you. Any bid that doesn't show me you are a Betfair expert, won't be taken in consideration.

Bidder must be able to stay in touch with me via chat (msn messenger).


The software must log in to a Betfair account and import, into an Excel sheet (“Markets”), various info about Betfair markets of my choice. All must be refreshed once every x seconds (an option would be nice), and amounts need to be expressed in the account currency.

Several markets must be visualized in the same sheet, so I need to have the ability to choose sheet and cell where the market X will start his block of cells. In alternative (but not preferred), I can adapt to have a single market in any sheet, and then refer the “Markets” sheet cells to the various sheets.

The xls is attached, and the yellow cells represent the info to import, while I'll take care of the rest manually or with formulas.

Upon completion of part 1, I will pay 20% of the price.


The bot will have 3 inputs: maximum amount at risk per market, minutes to harvest, minimum edge. All these inputs, together with username/password and Betfair commission, will be manually inserted into “Options” sheet (see the example sheet).

The bot will start harvesting X (specified in “Options”) minutes before the event start, and until scheduled start, on every refresh, will scan the markets one by one; if the Edge % (column H) will be greater or equal to the minimum edge (specified in “Options”), the bot will perform the action (if any) suggested in column I, on the selection specified in column J, for the amount suggested in column K, and will cancel any unmatched amount immediately.

Edge %, suggested action, suggested selection and amount to back/lay will be computed by simple Excel formulae that I will add to the relevant columns. I used some values as examples. The bot must read these values and automatically place bets.

Upon completion of part 2, and one full day of test to check that all the features are working, I will pay the remaining 80%. If after test there will be bugs to solve, but the bot is working, I will not pay the full 80%, but only 60%, retaining 20% until the job is complete.

I want all the source code and the rights on this piece of software.

Since part #1 is pretty simple, I want to add some specs on part #2 (The bot), so you can better understand what I want.

Basically, the application I want is a loop that, until I'm logged in, performs the following (sorry for the bad programming language, I'm not a programmer):

While LoggedIn
sleep for X seconds;
API call; //cancel all unmatched bets
For int Market=1 To LastMarket
if (TimeToStart>MinutesToHarvest) continue; //go to next market
read Excel cells relative to Market X; //containing the suggested action for that market
API call; //perform the suggested action, example: Back € 8,00 on selection 1

Notice that MinutesToHarvest is one of the options specified in the Excel sheet, so it must be read from there as well.

Kĩ năng: .NET, Lập trình C, Excel, XML

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