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128607 C# Educational Problems

Please help with these problems. Each should be separate projects programmed with beginner/intermediate C# so I can go through them and learn what is going on. Please make notes throughout the code explaining the different sections.

Program 1) Design and implement an application that reads an arbitrary number of integers that are in the range 0 to 50 inclusive and counts how many occurrences of each are entered. After all input has been processed, print all of the values (with the number of occurences) that were entered one or more times.

Program 2) Design and implement an application that creates a histogram that allows you to visually inspect the frequency distribution of a set of values. The program should read in an arbitrary number of integers that are in the range of 1 to 100 inclusive. Then, produce a chart that indicates how many input values fell in the range of 1 to 10, 11 to 20, and so on. Print one asterisk for each value entered.

Program 3) Design and implement an application that computes and prints the mean and standard deviation of a list of integers X1 through Xn. Assume that there will be no more than 50 input values. Compute both the mean and standard deviation as floating point values, using the formulas for mean and standard deviation.

Program 4) Create a class called DeckOfCards that stores 52 objects of a Card class. Include methods to shuffle the deck, deal a card, and report the number of cards left in the deck. The shuffle method should assume a full deck. Create a driver class with a Main method that deals each card from a shuffled deck, printing each card as it is dealt.

Program 5) Design a class that represents a star with a specified radius and color. Use a filled polygon to draw the star. Design and implement a program that draws 10 stars of random radius in random locations.

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