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hi i need a system taht can help me place bets throughout the night. the parameters are simple to be inputted manually but i am not too sure when done in api manner.

these are the criteria ( i will send more detail info after your acc3ptance)

1)i will have daily list of horses in hand each morning, to be bet on uk horses.

2)the bet will be placed on the first horse on the list, PROVIDED IT MEETS A MINIMUM ODDS REQUIREMENT OF 2.10 OR ABOVE POST RACE. Bet amount is dictated by odds offered on betfair.

3)should the horse win, the profit target would have been achieved, and aother cycle will follow immediately on the next horse on the list

4)should the chosen horse lose, the next horse in the list will be bet upon, of coure, with revised stakes in reference to first loss + profit targets initally.

5)this sequence continues, until either, A) a winner is found within the stipulated stop loss range, or B)the stop loss limit (25% of betting bank) is reached. If A is reached, means cycle is over, and the bets start all over again with the next horse on the list.

When B) is reached, we will acept all losses on the bank and conclude that cycle, after which, we WAIT FOR A HORSE ON THE LIST TO WIN, then only we resume betting again, on a NEW cycle with INITIAL PROFIT TARGETS, and this means the previous losses in the previous losijg cycle is not pursued. WHEN ONE OF THE HORSE ON THE LIST STRATS TO WIN, we immediately start a new cycle. This means, after a cycle which threatens to breach the 25% stop loss limit is reached, we stop betting until a horse on the list wins, after which a "cycle-breaker" is announced, and play starts again for the day.

This continues soon and so forth until all horses on the list have been accounted for (either bet on, or skipped, according to above criteria.)

Can someone help design this spoftwre? its really a simple type of betting, with minimal parameters, but i made it sound complex. perhaps, do you want a copy of my system so u better understand the staking and selection proces?? PLesae reply this is impt me.

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