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129712 Basic GPS GIS Program 3D


I am in need of a developer that is capable of creating a program for me that is fairly basic. I need the program to be able to open a user defined polyline shapefile and turn the line into a "road" while mainting the associated coordinate information of the line. Then the gps aspect comes into play where I need a vehicle or 3d arrow of some sort to be displayed where the gps coordinate is and continue to update the screen based on that position at a rate of about 10 times per second. The program will also need some sort of menu where it can open the file and load it in and also a feature where you can make sure the GPS is working and receiving a fix. Along with your GPS settings section where the following information can be set: com port, baud rate, and so forth... This will be developed for windows mobile and also for the PC. So if it is easier to develop it for the PC and then port over we can go that route. The main goal is to get the PDA version functional and the other can wait if necessary.

So the user will see the "road" which is the shapefile that they loaded in and they will be able to stay on that course by navigating and maintaining the position of the 3d object on top of the road. The setup is very similar to the Point of View style personal GPS devices that are on the market today.

However, I do not need any of the other funtionality of those devices and they will not allow me to import my own file to navigate by. Please see the attached zip to get a better example of what I need. Inside the zip file you will find 2 jpegs, one showing a similar looking interface but it should be noted that it still contains more information than will be required by this program, and the other jpeg is simply an wide view of the included example polyline shapefile. I simply need it to read the shapefile and make it a road as in the demo image and then denote the location of the GPS relative to that file and display all on the screen. I may sound confusing while trying to break this down so please PM if you need clarification. Also, included in the zip file is a requirements list that goes through the process of breaking down exactly what is expected out of the program. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, here is a link to a C library that I found that handles shapefiles if you are unfamiliar with them and it has a list of more libraries for different languages at the bottom [url removed, login to view] and here is a link to an explanation of the ESRI shapefile format if you need to learn more about that [url removed, login to view]



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