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Sorry to everyone who bid for my previous roulette robot project. I have cancelled that project as i have thought up of something new.

I must stress at the beginning of this auction that i need someone with some expertise, this robot has to be EXACTLY as i describe it. If it is not i wont pay as it will be no use to me. Please read this auction carefully before bidding as i am sure some of the formula required will be complicated but i want it done exactly as described. If you cant do the job then please dont waste my time by bidding.

I would also like to point out the conditions of this auction at the start. One the project is complete within the agreed timelimit i will require a full working demo that works for 40 days. the reason for this is 10 days to update/change anything etc and then 30 days test period. At the end of these 40 days i will pay 50% of the auction price. After another two months i will pay the final 50%. If the project is not completed within the agreed time limit i hold the right to refuse the project and advertise again. During the three month time period of this project any updates, fixtures are included. if the project is successful i will pay 100% of the bid to the programmer after 6 months as a bonus.

Right now the conditions are out of the way i will explain how i want this program to be designed. Basically it is a fully fuctional automatic working roulette robot. It will place all bids automatically for you once you input the options into it. This will be a long advertisement as i want to explain clearly what i need so please bear with me.

There will be 3 main modes to the program, these are the learning mode, the test run mode and the real money mode.

When learning mode is selected the program will have to generate spins and record them in a database, this should be saved after each spin is generated. I also want the option of how many spins to collect which will be inputed manually, say the next 100,000 spins for instance. The programme will have to be running at a decent speed. There must also be an option of stop.

The test run mode is the main area of the software. This area will also use the numbers in the database, that is why it is important all numbers are recorded. remember the program will have to generate numbers from a live account, not in fun mode. I suggest anyone interested go to [url removed, login to view] and download their casino and open the european roulette single player option to see what you need to do. The test run area will have its options in the middle, a summary of all the options selected on the left hand side and also the ability to make graphs and record how many wins/loss were encountered using these options, i also want to be able to save this data for reference later on. There must also be an option of target amount meaning the program will stop running after this amount of money is reached. I also need the option to input the intial unit amount here i.e one pound stake . I also want the option of virtual bet in test run mode. This means the program will play exactly as it would in real money mode but wont place any money down, it will then record whether it would have been a win loss etc if you had used real money. there must also be the option to do this for the next X amount of spins. Any numbers generated in the test run mode and real money mode will be added to the database.

The real money mode will use all the options selected in the test run mode but will place all the bets automatically etc.

There are three main options i need in the test run mode and these are three betting styles with the option to customize each betting style. there will be option A, option B, Option C. Just say i selected option A. A window will open with the options i can have for bet option A. I can choose to have the program to bet on the X amount of most popular numbers with the option to see which these numbers are and there ranking. There must bet the option of betting on X amount of most polular numbers in the database, target number and number to number. Just say i selected the 35 most common numbers in database, this means that it will bet on the 35 most common numbers in the database. Just say if i slected 35 most commons number in target number. this mean just say if the number two came up. the program will analyse this with every number two in its databse and see which number came directly after and which were the 35 most common etc. The program may have to analyse over one million numbers so i want it to do this quickly and not slow down. Just say if i selected the 35 most common numbers from number to number. This mean just say that number 14 came up, it will analayse all the numbers after this number 14 till the next time number 14 came up and list the 35 most popular. It can be X amount of most common numbers.

there should be the option to include/exclude the number zero in its searches. And also a stop loss featyre. Jus say i entered a stop loss of 2 this means that the program would stop playing after it lost twice. Just say i selected the 6 most common numbers from target number. I want the option to choose if this bet lost lost to carry on the next bet using the same method but multiplying the stake by X2,X3,X4 etc until you win which it will reset then back to the first unit.

I dont really want to explain too much of option B and option C, they are similar to option A but will require different formulas etc. I can understand that this is a complicated project, I will await bids and if there are any potential programmers i will give them the rules etc for option B and C which i want to be implemented into the program.

Please feel free to bid. the project is longer than described i will need option b and c adding and some small adjustments etc. If you bid and i select you i will explain to you options B and c. If you agree we will go ahead with the project. I will also allow the programmer to keep the completed program for their personal use. I can guarantee that it will be a very profitable application. If you agree to this project you agree that i hold all rights to the program and it cannot be distributed or sold without my written permission.

Good luck

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