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I need a software application to be developed. The end product will be integrated with a hardware device. After you read the project specs, I want to know what programming language you will use and why.

Basically, this software will be integrated with a hardware device that is SIMILAR in size to a GPS navigator (5 inch by 5 inch touch screen display) and it will have a touch screen capability similar to a mouse navigation that is controlled by the touch of a finger.

This hardware will be connected to the internet by USB directly to client computer or internet cable or wireless . Basically, we want it so that the hardware becomes a plug and play device; they plug it in, we control each device for each client, or all device's for each client from our admin panel.

If any hardware device becomes faulty/bug, we want to be alerted in our admin area of the client, device location and type of problem.

1. this software will have:

a. a CMS system built into the admin area.

b. This CMS will allow us to upload certain variables for each client. These variables will appear on the hardware screen for customers to select by touch. For example, Hotel variables are different from banks. --Hotels: rooms, restaurant, bar, fitness center.

-Banks, personnel, service, products etc.

We will be able to create multiple industries and variables for those industries so when i upload a business client, i will also add the variable they want to show for thier business. If that variable doesn't exist, I can edit that industry, add it , and save it from the admin area.

In addition to the variable mentioned above. This is an example of a industry may look:

1. Industry: hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, construction etc. (If I need to add, edit or delete a new type of industry, I can from the admin area.

2. Lets say I chose hotel, now I enter the address. Country, street, city, region, zip of that hotel.

3. Variables; single rooms, double rooms, restaurant, fitness center etc. (if I need to add, edit or delete a new type of variable for that hotel, I can.

4. Enter hardware device number (tracking number) and location of each device.

5. I am able to upload advertising messages to my clients devices. One at a time or all of them at once from the admin area.

c. The hardware will be connected to client computers by USB, or if they don't have a computer, we connect by internet cable, or wireless and control the device from our computer. Once it's connected, a client software will be automatically downloaded or installed onto the client computer and all hardware devices will be controlled from our admin area to their computer to the hardware devices. (One client could have one hardware device or 100 hardware devices.

d. THis application will allow us to provide our clients with daily, weekly, or monthly reporting. Sent automatically by email. The report will also include which device the report is originated. (We will upload that email address along with the variables of that business etc. from our admin area on our initial set up of that client in our admin area.)

Based on the end users input from the hardware, this software will gather each of those interactions based on certain categories. These categories are aligned to the variables that we upload for each client. (I will provide more details to the developers.)

e. we can control all the devices from our admin area online. We can upload advertising into devices for one client, for a group of clients or all clients.

f. we will be able to search for a client by name, city, region, country, or zip code.

Let me give you a scenario:

lets say you go into a restaurant, there is a hardware with about a 5 square inch touch screen device there. you use this hardware to order your food. So the variables could be starters, main courses, desserts, drinks etc. so when this customer enters this data from our touch screen hardware, our back end will gather this customers data, save it, the time, date, etc. and will be sent to a our client so he will know what this customer ordered. This is just a scenario. In this restaurants case, the variables were , starters, main courses, desserts, drinks etc. If it were a hotel, the variables could be, single room, double room, suite, spa room etc.

but we could get a restaurant client that wants to have another variable added ie. Candy,or soda or alcohol; we could go to our admin area, select restaurant from category industry, and make the additions, changes or edit, then save it.

We are looking for developers who have developed software that integrated with hardware before. Please explain what some of your past projects were and how that applies here.

Good luck.

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