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Port Delphi Pascal code and C++ code from Embarcadero RAD Studio (XE6) to Visual Studio 2019 C++ in several steps. Porting Delphi Pascal Code:Porting Embarcadero C++ Code:

$250-750 USD

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$250-750 USD

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Port Delphi Pascal code and C++ code from Embarcadero RAD Studio (XE6) to Visual Studio 2019 C++ in several steps. The exact process depends on your approach to the project, the libraries used, and the specific features you are employing. Here is a general guide to help you get started: Porting Delphi Pascal Code: Understand the Delphi Code: Review and understand your existing Delphi Pascal code. Identify key features, UI components, and external dependencies. Prepare for Translation: Convert Pascal syntax to C++ syntax. Some differences include variable declarations, function syntax, and memory management. Handle Strings: Delphi uses a different string representation compared to C++. Adjust string manipulations and memory allocations accordingly. Use Windows API in C++: Replace platform-specific Delphi functions with Windows API calls in C++. This includes UI components, file operations, etc. Memory Management: Delphi uses automatic memory management through reference counting (ARC). In C++, you will need to manage memory explicitly (e.g., using new and delete). Handling Events: Delphi uses a different event-handling model than C++. Translate event handlers appropriately, considering the differences in syntax. Porting Embarcadero C++ Code: Review Project Structure: Understand the structure of the existing C++ project. Identify key components, dependencies, and specific features implemented using Embarcadero libraries. Update Include and Library Paths: Replace Embarcadero-specific include and library paths with the appropriate paths for Visual Studio. Adjust project settings accordingly. Replace Embarcadero-Specific Functions: Replace Embarcadero-specific functions and classes with equivalent functionalities available in Visual Studio or the standard C++ library. Adjust UI Components: If your project involves GUI components, replace Embarcadero-specific UI elements with standard Windows UI controls. You might need to redesign certain parts of the GUI. Memory Management: Similar to Delphi, Embarcadero C++ Builder might use automatic memory management. Update memory handling according to Visual Studio C++ practices. Handle External Libraries: If your project relies on third-party libraries, ensure that these libraries are compatible with Visual Studio. Reconfigure project settings if needed. Compiler-Specific Code: Address any compiler-specific code or flags used in Embarcadero C++ Builder. Adjust them to match Visual Studio's requirements. Debugging and Testing: Test the code thoroughly in Visual Studio. Debug any issues that arise during the transition. Documentation and Comments: Update documentation and comments in the code to reflect changes made during the porting process. Remember that your approach to the project will determine the extent of these changes. Always refer to the documentation of both the Delphi/Pascal and C++ languages, as well as the documentation for the specific libraries and frameworks you are using. Proposal: 1. Creating Input Form/Dialog I will use the Windows API functions for window creation and management. Specifically, I will employ the following functions. CreateWindowEx: Creates the input dialog window. ShowWindow: Displays the input dialog window. UpdateWindow: Updates the input dialog window. Additionally, I will define a custom window precedure (WndProc) to handle messages related to the input form, such as button clicks. 2. Menu Integration I will create a menu in the main window using the following functions. CreateMenu: Creates the main menu. AppendMenu: Adds menu items, including the one for opening the input dialog. SetMenu: Sets the menu for the main window. 3. Button Functions For button functions, if using a custom dialog, I will define a separate dialog procedure (InputDialogProc) to handle messages specific to the input dialog. This will include processing button clicks and retrieving input values. The primary technical challenge lies in synchronizing communication between the main window (WndProc) and the input dialog.
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Hi there, ★★★ C / C++ / Delphi Expert ★★★ 8+ Years of Experience ★★★ I've read requirements and ready to work on your project. I have strong grasp on Object-Oriented Programming along with excellent analytical and program-solving skills. What we can do but not limited to: ✔️ Debugging & Solving Problems ✔️ Pointers ✔️ Abstract Classes and Objects ✔️ Constructors and Destructors ✔️ Operator Overloading ✔️ Inheritance, Polymorphism ✔️ Data structures (DSA) ✔️ Functions Overriding and Overloading ✔️ File handling, Streams ✔️ Algorithm Analysis ✔️ Linked Lists ✔️ Stacks and Queues ✔️ Recursion Development Tools: Visual Studio, Code Blocks, Dev c++, Turbo, Netbeans, Eclipse etc As the requirements on project are not complete and need discussion so i placed tentative bid. To provide you the best quote, let's have a chat! Best Regards, TechPlus Team
$750 USD trong 7 ngày
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As an experienced programmer with a strong background in both C and C++ who has successfully navigated challenging porting projects in the past, I'm confident that I have the skill set, adaptability, and problem-solving capabilities necessary to convert your Delphi Pascal code and C++ code from Embarcadero RAD Studio to Visual Studio 2019 C++. I'm well-versed in using the Windows API in C++, which is crucial for replacing Delphi-specific functions with platform-independent equivalents. Beyond that, my expertise extends to handling strings, managing memory explicitly (including understanding the different memory management schemes between Delphi and C++), addressing event-handling model differences, updating include and library paths, replacing library-specific functions and classes, adjusting UI components, handling external libraries, resolving compiler-specific code issues, debugging - all of which are key components of your project. Moreover, as part of my work ethic, I prioritize thorough documentation and comments during project execution. Having a multifaceted profile aligned to diverse domains including web development and IT support would allow me to understand the specific features you've implemented and ensure they translate seamlessly to Visual Studio. In sum, with my skillset and meticulous approach to work, your porting project will be executed with utmost diligence and precision
$300 USD trong 6 ngày
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Hey! I am professional Delphi coder with skills including Windows API, C++ Programming, Desktop Application, C Programming and Delphi. Senior Delphi & Firemonkey Software Developer * Delphi and .NET/C# developer Services, skills and technologies: - Delphi software development - Firemonkey (RAD Studio) cross-platform software development; - Object Pascal, C++; - Firebird, Interbase, Ms SQL, MySQL, PostgreeSQL, etc.; - Commercial and open-source component packs; - Developing wrappers and bridge classes for Android and iOS (FMX); - Migration of old legacy systems from Delphi 7 to "fresh" Delphi versions; - Migration old legacy Delphi systems to .NET/C#; Please send a message to discuss more about this project. Thanks
$250 USD trong 5 ngày
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Having successfully Run an IT company for several years, my team and I have accumulated significant experience in various programming languages including C and C++, which are crucial for this project. Additionally, with many years of working with Delphi Pascal code and C++ code from Embarcadero RAD Studio I understand the Dos, Don'ts and the unique challenges that may arise when porting these codes to Visual Studio 2019. Moreover, a thorough understanding of Windows API functions coupled with my hands-on experience with Visual Studio make me the perfect candidate. I have previously created input forms/dialogs using functions such as CreateWindowEx, ShowWindow, UpdateWindow and custom window procedures like WndProc to ensure smooth input form management. Furthermore, my skills in integrating text processing functions including handling strings and memory allocation/deallocation will prove invaluable in porting Delphi Pascal Code. Similarly when it comes to porting Embarcadero C++ Code. My expertise extends to replacing specific Embarcadero library functions/classes with their equivalents in Visual Studio and standard C++ library too. I have also handled GUI components by replacing specialized ones with standard Windows UI controls while redesigning as required. In short, I understand exactly what it takes to transition an already complex codebase from one platform to another; expected bumps and the possibility of debugging halfway through.
$399 USD trong 1 ngày
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Expert with C / C++ I’ve read your requirements for conversion and I’m confident that we can convert it accordingly. Let’s have a chat to discuss work and effort to start work
$750 USD trong 1 ngày
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Hi, After reading your job description, I understand you're looking for freelancer with good experience in Delphi and C++ . I've checked your requirements and worked with another client in this space. I am fully available to start your project immediately and you might find it's very interesting to have a chat with me about the project details. Thanks and Best regards.
$500 USD trong 7 ngày
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