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Streaming app for Windows based on GStreamer

Job Description:

● Explanations:

I have a digital video camera that streams video WiFi through a router, to an Android app.

This video data consists of jpeg frames and the used protocol is UDP.

This Android app packetizes same data in RTP packets then streams it WiFi on UDP through the router, to a program on the computer (Windows 10).

This PC program is listening to the corresponding port and acts like a server - it forwards the video data to a GStreamer-based player on same PC.

And the player on PC de-packetizes using GStreamer and plays the video. All work well now and the video is played correctly.

● Required to develop:

A streaming program for Windows (to be installed on same PC), with the purpose of simulating the streaming of the camera.

In other words, the player should display the video streamed from this program the same way as the video stream from the camera.

● Specifications for the streaming program:

- Must be based on GStreamer.

- Read video data from a video file; the file can be chosen freely by the developer so that i has a conveniennt format (compression, encoding).

- Stream the data to the Android app through the router, over UDP.

- Provide a basic UI with: input file control to select the video file; textbox to input the IP:port number; a radio button to choose streaming mode after file end- one time or looping.

(Reference image attached.)

The point is to encode and stream the video data in the same way as the camera, so that the packets are recognized by the given player.

IDE Platform: Visual Studio

● Expertise needed:

- Extensive experience with streaming and GStreamer.

- Deep knowledge and coding experience in C#, C++

In the end, it may be necessary to make a number of tries before getting it to work,

so you may need to have patience rather than rush.

Kĩ năng: Lập trình C, Lập trình C++, .NET, Video Processing

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