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The purpose of this document is to specify the requirement for the development of a few software projects. All projects would be an elementary level projects; that is, just to make students aware of the project development process. The students who would develop these projects are all engineering graduates. Thus, the projects should provide only the basic functionalities and should be easy to understand. The documentation of each project is required in form of a Project Report.

This document contains the following information:

â?¢ List of Projects and their brief detail

â?¢ Technology Specification for Project Development

â?¢ Table of Content for Preparing Project Report

List of Projects

â?¢ Restaurant Management System

â?¢ Hospital Management System

â?¢ Marriage Bureau System

â?¢ Courier Service System

â?¢ Vehicle Registration System

â?¢ Fitness Center Management System

1. Restaurant Management System

The Restaurant Management System allows the user (that may be manager, cashier, or waiter) of the system to create a new item, create a new menu, edit the existing item, edit the existing menu, place an order, and change the order status. The system limits the access of some options of the system to certain users. For example, only a manager can create a new item, create a new menu, edit the existing item, and edit the existing menu. The functionalities provided by the Restaurant Management System are described as follows:

â?¢ Create an Item: Enables the user (that is, manager) of the Restaurant Management System to create a new item from scratch, specifying the desired attributes, such as name, type, price, and size of the item and allows the user to save that item.

â?¢ Create a Menu: Enables the user to create a new menu by adding desired items from an existing item list. Available menu categories are Starters, Drinks, Main Course, and Desserts.

â?¢ Edit an Item: Lets the user edit an existing item in order to adjust to changes. For example, change in price. Changes in the item will be reflected in all menus it belongs to.

â?¢ Edit a Menu: Enables the user to edit an existing menu. The changes will be reflected the next time the menu is loaded.

â?¢ Place an Order: Enables the user to place an order. Total cost of order is computed and order is sent to the order queue. Orders are sorted by the time of placement or type of order.

â?¢ Change Order Status: Enables the user to change the current status of an order that has been placed. The status of the order may be â?? cooking in progress, cooking completed, delivery is on the way, order delivered. When an order is delivered it is automatically removed from the order queue.

2. Hospital Management System

Hospital Management system should include registration of patients, storing their details into the system, and also computerized billing in the pharmacy, and labs. The system should provide the facility to give a unique id for every patient and store the details of every patient and the staff automatically. It should include a search facility to know the current status of each room. User should be allowed to search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id. The Hospital Management System should be accessible to an administrator or receptionist using a username and password. Only they should be allowed to input patient details and diagnosis details into the database. The data can be retrieved or manipulated easily as and when required. The interface should be user-friendly. The data should be well protected for personal use. The System should provide the following UIs for their respective functionalities:

â?¢ Login: Allows an administrator or a staff member to login the system.

â?¢ Patient Registration: Includes the details, such as Patientâ??s Name, Age, Sex, Address, Patient Category (that is, Inside Patient/Outside Patient), Allotted Room no, Preferred Doctor, Patient ID, Registration Fee, Admission Date, etc.

â?¢ Patient Search: Provides

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