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This is the current project I need to work on . My budget for this is around $100. I need this to be finished within 24 hrs from now. Please let me know if you are interested. Here is the problem.

As the creator of all species, your favorite game is fine tuning the tactics of your progeny in their constant search for food. Today you are evaluating two of your favorite species: a predator named Killbeast and its prey named Snackrabbit. The Killbeast is a very quick animal, but is limited in its top speed. The Snackrabbit can usually outrun the Killbeast but accelerates slowly. Both species are ground animals and live in open

plains without significant obstacles (Think of the problem in 2D. When the animals are at the same position then the Killbeast wins). Table 1 shows the speed and acceleration for each species.

Speeds are distributed normally around the mean.

Table 1: Model Parameters

Predator Prey

time to max speed 3 sec 6 sec

mean max speed 13.5 m/s 15.5 m/s

max speed std 4 m/s 2 m/s

sensing range 500 m 25 m

The Snackrabbit can sense the presence of Killbeast at a distance of 25 meters, but the Killbeast can sense the prey at over 500 meters, and thus has the natural advantage of planning its attack. Finally, the Snackrabbit typically travels alone, while the Killbeasts like to hunt in groups. How

intelligently they use this advantage is up to you, the creator of all species, to decide.


Develop a model which simulates a hunt and a user interface which visualizes the movement of the animals in a 2D space. This is to be done in Java. Run this model several times and determine the strategies which you should give the Killbeast and Snackrabbit. Write a report describing the

given strategies, any assumptions which were used in the model, and the numerical results.

Analyze how changes in the speed distributions and predator pack sizes could affect the dynamics

of the hunt.

To complete this problem within the given timeframe, you will need to make several simplifications and assumptions. An optimal answer is not required. Be sure to include all of your assumptions in the report, and feel free to discuss possible future extensions which you could

consider given more time.

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