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Lập trình C++ Job by desmondmrgn

Need an expert c++ coder to help us get started with SIP+W#ebRTC VC setup (remove # to read correctly) :

Follwoing is our current cross platform Adobe AIR based VC setup: http://demo16.v#[url removed, login to view] Current video conferencing part is entirely based on webservice based API calls like register, login, createmeeting, joinmeeting etc., We want you to replace the Ad#obe AIR based setup with SIP+W#ebRTC

Task 1 - follow following url to create a development environment for SIP based conference media server on my windows 2008 pc (if you need, can provide ubuntu as well). Compile and create binaries under custom brandname that can run. If Not possible to have windows development environment, linux is Ok.

http://www.m#[url removed, login to view]


http://www.m#[url removed, login to view]

http://so#[url removed, login to view]

Deliverables 1: Working setup as requested above with compilation, deployment and running instructions.

Test 1 - We will setup and conduct standard VC between cross platform users based on the above setup as per your compile, setup and running instructions doc.

2 - Develop a <500kb cross platform plugin for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Android, IOS as per following links:

http://www.sip#[url removed, login to view]

www.js#[url removed, login to view]

https://labs.e#[url removed, login to view]

with Javascript API for register, login, online/offline status, create meeting, join meeting, kick user, get call records & history, get user list & their status. Android and IOS apps need to have capability that they can be integrated in other apps without requiring to release the source code.

As per above instructions, replace in our portal, ad#obe air based VC part with as mentioned here.

Deliverables 1: Working setup as requested above with compilation, deployment and running instructions.

Test 2 - Setup demo on http://demo16.v#[url removed, login to view] for scenario: up to 8 way video call - everybody see every body. each users from IE, firefox, chrome, linux, mac, android, ios, voip hardphone...and other 10 viewers should only be able to view this 7 way video call. And about 10 such conferences should be possible at a time. And, we test on http://demo16.v#[url removed, login to view] to register, login, view online/ offline buddies, schedule/ instant meeting, join meeting, view history and Admin panel to moderate live conferences, kick users, convert from viewer to participant and vis a vis.

Application must be stable without issues including delay, sync, crash, echo (it is built in feature of webrtc).

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