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I am having some software developed and its almost complete. Its a record keeping system for gun dealers. It is almost complete and I need some data entry. I need about 2000 entries made to the system. All fields can be whatever you wish to use since its for test purposes you do not have to transcribe from an existing list you amke the info up as you go. A complete acquisition & disposition entry includes the following and some you can just complete the acquisitions entries and leave the disposition blank lets say acquisition entries all need completed and disposition 3 out of every 4 must be completed at random.

Acquisition Fields in Software include:

-Transaction Number (Can Be Any Random Set of Numbers NO DUPLICATES!)

-Manufacture (Use any of the following Colt, Sig, Ruger, Remington, Winchester, EAA, Glock, S&W or any other gun manufacture you can think of at random)

-Model (Can Make Up Any Model Name Like 700, Sidekick, 22 ect.)

-Serial Number (Can Make Up any random serial number so long as no entry has same serial number)

-Type of Firearm ( Your Choice Pistol, Shotgun or Rifle at random)

-Caliber ( Choose at random from .22,.32, .45AP, 40 S&W, 12ga, 20ga, 30-06, .223, .240 )

-Date Aquired ( Can select random dates But 1 thru last entry must have dates in order) Lets say 1st entry is 4/09/1999 all consecutive entries must have newer dates like entry 2 5/10/1999 entry 3 5/10/1999 entry 4 5/14/1999 and so on.

-Recieved From ( Random Fake Full Name and Address Like: John Doe

1456 Test Hwy

Anywhere, TX 99999 USA )

New/Used (Select New or Used at Random Your Choice

For Disposition Fields you would need to complete about 3/4 of all total matching acquisition entries I do want 1/4 of the disposition site left blank in any random order.

Disposition Fields include the following:

-Inventory Control Number ( Your Choice any Number )

-Date: Must be same or greater date than matching acquisition record.

-Name: Any Name you Want to Use

-Address: License or Serial Number (Again any random address in followin format:

John Doe (Example)

192048 Space Rd

Anywhere, NJ 77777

I want 3/4 of these to contain a full address as above and the other 1/4 to have a random 16 digit numeric number to represent a license number. On those no address is needed.)

-Dealer Cost ( Any Random US Dollar Amount ie: $359.99)

-Amount Received Before Tax ( Any Us Dollar Amount above Dealer Cost like if dealers cost is $568.99 the this amount should be larger like $678.99 )

I will provide the software for download to make entries. Upon completion I will need the saved database file created by all the entries to reupload on my local machine to complete further test..

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