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PIC24F Microcontroller based project in ASSEMBLY

I am starting to develop a project that will include a number of analog entries (around 6), some outputs, 3 PWM, RTCC, and CAN (maybe), bootloader, LCD, RS232 communication, I2C, SPI, lookup tables, EEPROM, FLASH, buttons, interrupts and timers.


****MUST BE IN PIC24F ASSEMBLY**************


The program will run basically dependable on an interrupt that will happen every 50us max (between 100,000us and 50us). That's why assembly must be used, because processing will have to occur in between these interruptions and precision is a must.

The project will have 5 buttons and a 4x20LCD (HD44780 based) or a 2x20LCD (menu choosen) and will be driven by 4bits. The LCD will show data that will be picked from a sub-menu with choosen options (For example: Suppose user can choose any of the following: water temp, air temp, coolant temp, air humidity, battery voltage, force, air pressure, etc. So, if user want's to see only, for example, water temp and air temp, he would check these two options and click a OK button. The LCD would, then, display on the water temp and air temp. We have to evolve conversation a little more, because I would like to have the user to choose what he wants on what "position" of the display).

The same LCD will enter a MENU, with some many other functions (For example, to change temperature from Celsius to Farenheit; change pressure from bar to PSI, etc).

One of the functions that the project will have on its functions menu is of parameters adjustment. These adjustments will reflect on an output realtime and lookup table.

PWM output will vary and will be dependable on a lookup table that will be adjusted by user through buttons (menu) and that will be saved on EEPROM and FLASH. It will be triggered by the interrupt and the result of the lookup table.

For example, if interrupt is triggered at 100us, it will will make the program lookup the corresponding PWM time at the lookup table. It will then make some corrections based on some other tables (pressure, air temp, voltage, yes/no) to deliver the corresponding corrected PWM time. At this point, user can adjust any of the tables, realtime, reflecting on PWM response. At the end, user can choose to save or discard changes, that will be saved to EEPROM.

CAN - CAN communication must be developed and status shown on LCD

RTCC - RTCC must be developed and showed on LCD (can be shown or not through options, like exampled above).

I2C and SPI - must be developed to control interfaces (in our case, memories will be used).

Bootloader - Since final program can be updated, a bootloader option has to be given. Firmware should be delivered through a PC using a terminal software (Hyperterm, Putty, etc.)

RS232 - Project will send data to PC to a terminal program, indicating certain parameters, like temperature, PMW time, etc.

Project will be developed on top of a Microchip Explorer16 using a PIC24FJ128GA010. I can send the datasheet of the pins and ports used.

The important thing here is that the LCD is the least of the priorities of the processing. Interrupt is the top priority and LCD refresh will be treated as low priority.

Another project will be awarded to freelancer that will consist in a microcontroller, a LCD, a small menu, that will generate some of the inputs for this project for testing purposes.



What I need is the project to be done. Completely. Fully. In all it's extent. Period. I don't want half of a project, or partial something whatsoever. What I want is the complete project and this is what I am willing to get and, of course, pay for.

By this, I am creating one milestone only, to be released when all that I asked for up here is delivered. This is why I tried to be so criterious about each part. No exceptions will be made. PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS.

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