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142469 Grpahic Design and Flash

What i need is graphic GUI design and flash for being included in a JSP based website:

Flash Animation Work:

Graphic 1. "Check toner cartridge and replace if it is low in toner or damaged."

Here we need a Flash animation that demonstrates the series of steps

necessary to replace the toner cartridge. Make this either a timed

sequence (e.g. one step shown every 5 seconds or so) or some sort of

list of steps that you can click on or mouse over to show the individual


Suggested steps:

1. Unlatch the top of the printer so that it can be opened.

You should see the top pop up.

2. Open the top of the printer to access the toner cartridge.

3. Pull cartridge out of top of unit.

4. Place new cartridge into top of unit.

5. Close the top of the printer. Make sure you hear the final click of the latch.

Graphic 2. "Replace paper in paper trays with correct size paper."

Like above, this will be a series of steps.

1. Remove the paper tray.

2. Remove the paper from the paper tray

3. Add correct-sized paper to the paper tray

4. Replace the paper tray.

Graphic 3. "Add paper to the paper supply cassette."

Exactly like Graphic 2, except without step 2.

Graphic 4: "Remove and reseat the lower paper tray"

Exactly like Graphic 2, except witout steps 2 and 3.

Graphic 5. "What does the print quality look like?"

Flash graphic showing the different print quality categories:



White streaks

White spots

Black streaks

Black stains

These need not be all shown at once like the above examples, there can be a menu with mouse-over or clickable options. If shown individually, these will need accompanying text to spice it up a bit:

Normal - "There are no noticable print quality defects."

Faded - "Text does not appear as dark as it should."

White streaks - "Long thin patches of white are present. Typically these are aligned vertically."

White spots - "Speckles of missing ink appear at random places in the document."

Black streaks - "Unexpected long thin dark patches are present, as if the ink was smeared."

Black stains - "Blotches of black ink appear randomly on the document."

3. Other pictures. These are for general use, and need not be animated. JPGs would be fine.

Printer ejecting pages (with no text on pages).

The printer control panel. Like the accompanying graphic, but more realistic looking.

The same control panel, with the On-Line indicator marked somehow (e.g. with an arrow).

The same control panel, with the message display area marked somehow (e.g. with an arrow).

The power cord coming out of the back of the printer and connecting to a wall outlet.

The interface cable coming out of the back of the printer.

The paper tray, with no paper in it. Should look something like one of the steps in Graphic 2.


Also I need graophic GUI for as web Application:

1. Application Icons

2. Icons for Tool Bars

3. Login Screen

4. Graphics for the menu bar that includes the File, Search, Window, Options and Help menus including the mouseover, mouseout and selected (clicked) states.

5. Tool Bar

6. Graphics for Dialog Boxes, Error Boxes, Message Boxes

It is of utmost importance that the components in the user interface should look consistent.

To make sure of this and so that we know what the end product should look like, we would like to ask for a JPEG of the look of the GUI before creating the following graphics individually.

Please get back to me with the cost estimates of these items... complete cost as well as indivisual cost is a welcome. Budget is not a constraint but should be reasonable. I'm a web designer and php programmer myself so i know what this costs.



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