produce cd for selling internet site

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Proposal:Qualifications and Experience Required

Primary Skill: CD-ROM

Secondary Skills: Flash Presentation, Video Presentation

Industry Experience: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment

Additional Skills: cd production, video production, streaming video knowledge and production and/or use of, cost management ability...

Location Requirements

Must Work on Premises? No

Description: Project Description:

Our new company needs a well-written, professional cd to present a new internet site thats being built now and will be ready by october, the cd will basiclly be the seller of the site to restaurant owners to see a presentation of the postive reasons to join as a paying member/advertiser the restaurant internet site.

Project contacts:

The cds will be distributed to potential restaurant owners and mail outs, clients via US postal mail, and in networking venues.

Project Category:

internet company

Other Project Category:


Target Audience:

Individuals, public and private companies.

Document Length:

cd must be at least a 15 to 17 minute presentation, total time is unsure at this moment need direction and imput on this, ----- brochure will be if interested in submitting separate bids -- Original document: 2 Pages ---- Printer will consolidate to 1 page (Trifold, front and back)

I need the following:

Editing, Proofreading, Writing and cd production,etc..

I also need:

Maybe Graphic Design

I will provide the following to the professional:

Outline, Supporting Text, scrpt in general outline need input here also...

Other items I will provide:

Company logo and suggested text

In addition to the finished product, the professional must provide the following:

Concept, Draft, Supporting Text, script revisions, outline on whats needed and i will get the actor/actors/actress

Other items the professional must provide:complete step by step production, costs, ideas, direction what to do on my end, what to have for you on my end and if interested in brochure on separate bid the

Brochure Design, prototype, and professional printer-ready copy

Desired File Format:cd/ or dvd???-- on brochure bid finished product will be

Printer-ready & pdy and 3 printed samples of finished product

Project Start Date:

asap subject to feedback about cd content

Project Completion date by middle of october to middle of november

I want to receive project drafts via:

CD/DVD/Optical Media, messanger ids Work Room or private message board..

Payment(s) for this project will be processed via:


Employer Questions: (1) if select for project would you be interested in continuing this job as per web site as i will be doing exactly the same on 225 different internet sites and names, and if so can/or will you be interested in doing this project and each one after that for a flat complete bid quote rather than a per hour basics???

(2) are you knowledgable in the new video streaming post card, or email, concept, and if you are please include this as a separate bid?? i would very much like to use this also if you have the ability..

Q: cd must be at least a 15 to 20 minute presentation, total time is unsure at this moment need direction and imput on this?

A: 15 minutes.

Q:Desired File Format:cd/ or dvd???

A:CD- offer it in Quicktime for Mac users

and Windows Media Player for PC users.

CD should also include a streaming video web link to your presentation in Flash video format. (The Flash format is viewable by 99% of web browsers).

This project is very similar to doing a short film:

1. write script

2. budget calculation-(casting,props,gas,shooting,editing,title designs,flash streaming video programming,etc.

3. transfer to viewable format -------------------------------MAX BUDGET $25 TO $150

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