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We are creating a website which will sell tailored clothes, I need pictures to show the different designs, the different designs should be shown with different fabrics/cloth.

As we are not really great at doing 3D modelling, we need some help to do the drawings, we have made hand drawings for the specific designs, all we need is to make it digital, so it will look nice.

As an example I found a website [url removed, login to view] where a 3D model is used, it is on this webpage possible to switch between the different designs of the dress, our website will have similar functionality, the additional thing will be the fabric of the clothes, where it also should be possible to modify with a different fabric. This website [url removed, login to view] is a more complete website similar to what we want created, it also has the functionality to change fabric, they however only have shirts to show.

What we want to create is kind of a combination of the two, we will need to cut out pieces of each picture for the different designs, after rendering the front and back of the 3D drawing into a jpg picture or alike.

There will be different options for each piece of clothes, as the links above also has, and total different kinds of clothes will be the ones below here:

For woman:


Wedding dress


Corsage Dress






For men:





As the clothes is not real detailed I do not think it would be a problem that it does not look 100% as it will when it is made in the real fabric (however it can not look cantoon like), it has be accurate enough to give the customer a good image/understanding of how the clothes in their order will look when sewn.

another issue is that it should be easy for us to change the fabric/cloth of the different clothes as we will get more fabrics, and fabrics will also change, this should be able to be done e.g. just be scanning in a picture of the fabric and ad it as texture for the clothes. The hand drawings are attached below for dress, so you can see what you have to work with.

I would think you can use and modify some 3D models/clothes which has already been made e.g. [url removed, login to view] for someone who has worked a little with 3D before it should be a rather simple task to modify already made graphical clothes into the drawings we need, as they are rather easy constructions.

I worked a little with 3D software before (3D Max and Maya) but as I said I am not very experienced. But I do have a little experience so I will not be completely novice when we should be told how to change the fabric.

It will be 13 different pieces of clothes, some are also very similar so a lot of things can be used from other clothes, e.g. Dress, Wedding dress, Corsage, Corsage Dress, Top, and Skirt are in many ways the same, Jacket/Coat, Trousers and Shirt are different but these are again appearing in both the woman and men clothing so that is very much the same as well, then there is only the waistcoat/vest which is a little on its own, but the vest is a rather simple task. Approximately there will be about 400 different modifications about 35 for each clothes some less some a little more, that is of course if we do not count in modification with each fabric that we plan to do ourselves.

How much will this task cost? And how long would it take?

Terms for choosing the designer: We have supplied hand drawn images below for you, you as a designer must come up with a mockup of the 3D image with proper texture, gradients, lights, shadow etc. so that it looks as real as possible. It should also be optimized for web, so that the images are fast to load. The designer will submit a mockup within a few days of the post or as soon as possible before project expire. We will choose the best designer who comes up with a quality design which has the possibility to change fabric easy and still look good. There are approx 400 modifications in all of the 13 pieces of clothing. It must be designed within 35 days.

the website we are making will be made in PHP ajax similar to the second website [url removed, login to view]

and with same functionality of choosing options, we need pictures similar to that in size.

The clothes does need to look like real clothes, or very close to the real deal, no cartoon like images. What I need is something like:

[url removed, login to view]

If you are not a 3D designer I can also accept 3D like images made in e.g. photoshop like shirts below:

[url removed, login to view]

Send me a mockup of the attached dress so I can see how good your magic is!

To specify again, all I need is the pictures, you just need to be a good graphical designer to get the job! I have Maya 5 and 3Dmax 7 installed and if you can do your magic in Photoshop CS9 i have that installed as well.

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