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118300 Finish up website Design

We have the harder pages designed and coded already, so you'd be designing the rest of the pages to fit that "mold". I'll attach 2of those pages (both are more complicated than what is left to be designed) so you have an idea of what the banner, links bar, etc. look like. Of course we could get you access to those files so you could "cut and paste" to make it easier.

Thanks for your time,

Dave Danish

1. General Page: a template used for the below 3 pages. We need this to be without anything except a cool background (we don't need the banner, but maybe the stylized logo done by Darek---with the gold swirlies) and some large squares for the text (maybe the squares could have a diamond outline)

1. Page that says "In order to proceed, please click on the link we just sent to your email account".

2. Page that says "Congratulations" and "Welcome to [url removed, login to view]!" "In a few moments you'll be redirected to your own personalized user page where you can upload a photo and write a personal bio". "Hip Hop is waiting for you!"

3. This same format can be used in the email we send to their accounts: "Congratulations ______, you've successfully signed on to TheILLIST.com. Simply click on the below link to get started!"

2. Manage Earnings: Needs the following categories:

1. "Earnings owed" (b/c if they received payment in the past, the earnings since then will be the "earnings owned").

2. "Total earnings to date"

3. "Get your cash!" with options for "Google checkout", "PayPal", and "personal check" ("Paid quarterly with $10.00 handling fee" for the personal check option). Catherine, please have a button for them to select from the 3 options, and please have each of those names/logos, including "personal check" hyperlinked (which will go to our FAQs, which in turn will have links to each of those options' sites). Also please hyperlink "quarterly".

4. "Past earnings & payments" link (see below under "General Page II" for the design of this page when you get to it later)

5. "Transfer to balance" b/c the balance & earnings are different--balance is $ they can spend on other artist's songs.

6. Small table for "Earnings by:"

1. Song, Beat, Album and Video

2. Date

3. General Page II: This "general page" will be used for the below pages, so it needs to have the banner, links bar, ticket w/ status of logged in, & add space. Then it needs some cool background b/c the content isn't so exciting (it's mostly text)

1. FAQs: Just make a cool "Frequently Asked Questions" at the top, with a pic somewhere in the background, and then we'll add our own FAQs (we have a few pages of them already on google that we can share with you--let me know if you want them).

1. I've organized the FAQs into 4 categories (see other document for specifics).

2. I'd also like a FAQ specific search bar at the top of that page so people can search by "key words".

2. Contact us:

7. Mailing address: PO Box 30033, Philadelphia, PA 19103

3. Promote Yourself Page:

1. Complete your artist profile along with pictures, background information, and how your fans can get in touch with you. (hyperlink artist profile)

2. Invite your friends & family to your [url removed, login to view] store via email. Here's how. (Hyperlink Here's how)

3. Post a banner advertising your page at [url removed, login to view] on your personal website or MySpace page. (hyperlink banner).

4. Meebo with your fellow artists & fans. What's Meebo? (Hyperlink What's Meebo).

5. Design your own T-shirts, Hoodies, CD's, Posters, Flyers, Stickers, and more!

6. Email your questions, how many copies you want, and relevant pictures to __. We'll come up with a plan and pricing! (Hyperlink the email address).

4. Past Earnings: Excel style document linked from "Manage Earnings" page that has past earnings and payments made to the artist by [url removed, login to view] arranged in a table with columns that Sean can put in. The table itself can be made by Sean I guess.

4. High Roller:This is where people go when the click on "What is a high roller?"--put the same bidding form in there as you have on the artist user page, but take out that questions (since they're already at the page).

1. "A High Roller is featured on the front page of the site. Artists featured in the High Rollers section get many more hits and sales than those who aren't featured."

2. "To become a high roller, you have to be among the top 7 bidders for that week, ending 11:59 pm on Sunday. Bidding begins at $5.00 and increases in increments of $1.00. The value showing in the High Roller bid window is the lowest bid of the bidder currently holding down the number 7 spot for next week's list. If your bid doesn't go through, that means that #7 artist was willing to drop more cash than you! If your bid does go through and you take over as the winning bidder, you'll see a Congratulations page. Remember though, this doesn't mean you're guaranteed a spot on the list next week--if someone outbids you later in the week, then you're knocked off. If you get knocked off by a higher roller, you of get all of your bidding money back and have a chance to recuperate your losses by outbidding that other artist."

5. High Roller Congratulations Page: "Congratulations, You're among the top 7 bidders for next week's high roller section. Unless 7 artists outbid you before the closing of the bidding this Sunday at 11:59pm, you'll be featured and your bid taken. If you do get knocked down by other bidders, you'll receive an email notification and you will lose no money! Hopefully you'll find out in time and outbid that artist" "In the mean time, please choose which song you'd like featured" (Catherine, have a list of their songs, beats, and/or videos with a check box next to them). "Please also be sure your picture, bio, and music are up to date on your user page".

6. Add Credits Page (to the current balance): This is the balance they have to spend on other people's music.

1. Typical top to the page (as is on all other pages)

2. "Current Balance: $15.00"

3. "Amount to add?" w/ relevant space. Nearby, write "$10.00 minimum"

4. "Method of payment" with 4 options:

1. IF they have earnings "Transfer from Earnings" (so if they don't, this needs to disappear as an option).

2. "Google Checkout"

3. "PayPal"

4. "Western Union" (see [url removed, login to view] for the western union logo we need).

7. Favorites: Just a table of their favorites (with all the options of the music listening page). Maybe some cool pic of yours or theillist logo.

8. Purchased Music: Just a table (with all the options of the music listening page). Maybe some cool pic of yours or theillist logo.

9. Uploaded Music:This is the page that artists can access that lists ALL of their music (b/c many will have so many songs uploaded they won't all fit on their user page). Have a link to "Upload More Music" somewhere apparent. Also give them the option to change the free music/beats/videos to a price (and option to change the price on beats & videos), similar to "manage music" page.

10. Store: Just make a template for now--we don't have the products pictured yet (aka we don't have the products yet)

11. MP3 player: See other document. Catherine, save this for LAST!

see [url removed, login to view] for the western union logo we need

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