Add 2 new flows to simple Android launcher

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I have a simple and FAST Android Launcher, and I want to add these 2, different, but interconnected user-flows. I'm an Android dev and Product manager, but I need a bit of help with this one.

Please download the 4 pictures that include the wireframes for helping understand the requirements.

The code can be forked from [url removed, login to view] And I'll be accepting the solution, after tested by both me and you, as a Git Pull Request that you should do.

These modifications have to be done complying to Google Material Design’s guidlines for everything, including font-style, font-size, margins, paddings, colors, shadows ([url removed, login to view])

Current app has basically two modes (1) and (2).

Mode (1) is the default being shown to the user.

Mode (2) shows the keyboard, and starts searching for what the user types in the search box.

These are the 2 new flows that I need.

Flow 1 - Google Search:

As a user, after I start typing, I would like to see a button for using my typed text for a Google Search, right above the soft-keyboard, right-aligned. That is, Create the button on (B), and the transition from (B) to (C). This button has to say “Search on Google” and follow Google Material Design’s definition ([url removed, login to view]), as a white button. And the general material design guidelines.

After clicking on the “Search on Google” button, I want the launcher to open the “Google Search app” and search for the text. That is, make the transition between (C) and (D). If the “Google Search app” does not exist, the search should be directed to the google search website inside the default browser of the phone.

Flow 2 - Show/Hide non-pinned apps

Modify mode (1) to create mode (A). I want to only see ONLY my pinned apps at first (The other apps should be hidden/invisible). This will be the new default mode in the app. The app should also be taken to (A) if the user clicks on the home screen, or also if the user presses the back button from the bottom bar until there’s no other apps to close, or if the user goes to the home screen by any other methods.

If I swipe DOWN or UP (AND there’s NO text in the search box), the launcher should show (unhide) all the apps on the scrollable gridview. That is, take the app from (A) to (B). Note that (B) is basically the same as the original mode (1).

If I tap anywhere on the search box, the app should show all the apps on the scrollable gridview, as in (B).

If I start typing something, then the app has to go to mode (C).

If I delete the text, in any way, leaving the search box empty again, then all apps should be shown again as in (B).

After the previous tasks are done, the “star” icon that is shown over the pinned apps won’t be necessary anymore. So, remove it.

Create dialog for (0). Considering that now, mode (A) exists, if it is the first time the user is using the launcher app, or it the app is being reloaded or rebooted, then it should show a dialog window (following Google’s material design guidelines [url removed, login to view] with only 1 single button saying “OK” for closing the dialog window), and it should say the following inside (with bullets for each line):

Tap on the search box to see your apps.

Press and hold on any app to pin it to the home screen.

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