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Creating Sticker for Obama and maid character

This project is within $ 100 budget !!

We need 20 stickers created for a new andoroid application.

The stickers are obama and maid for various motions.

We need about fifty stickers by this month.

More tasks will be appended if we are satisfied with your projects

You can take the following three pictures as reference.

1. sticker_sample(style for sticker)

2. obama_image(image sample)

3. maid_image(image sample)

We need you to design the stickers of Obama and maid

The ideal image is that stickers should have the appearance similar to 2 and 3 but designed in the same style as sticker_sample.

Facial expressions of exaggerated is required.

ATTENTION:width of lines has to be drawn precisely uniform and abusing colour is not our preference,please refer to the sticker_sample .

Stickers of Obama that I need the following 10 motions.

1 Greeting

Reference:blonde man area :row 1of column1

2 praising

Reference:blonde man area:row 2 of column 4

3 appreciated for something

Reference:rabbit area:row 2 of column 4

4 surprised

Reference:rabbit area:row 2 of column 2

5 interested in something

Reference:blonde man area:row 4 of column 4

6 giving lecture

7 dressed like The statue of liberty

8 eating hamburger

9 playing basketball

10 signing piles of documents

Stickers of cute maid that I need the following 10 motions.

(you can take the reference as those of Obama)

1 Greeting

2 praising

3 appreciated for somthing

4 surprised

5 interested in something

6 making hot tea

7 drawing Emoticons on the omurice

8 making gesture of heart(as cute as possible)

9 saying”welcome back” with a smile

10 taking on the Yamanote line

We will shortlist candidates and they will be required to send one sample sticker for "Obama" and”maid”in our project. Please send us the different two samples as soon as possible

This is not a contest.

If we like some illustrators, we order the work everyone.

Notes on drawing the illustrations.

1. Draw simple and thick character lines.

2. Character expression must be rich.

3. Character's motion exaggerated moves.

4. Draw not only the face but also body of characters.

5. Draw with color.

Start your response with "Hey Ryo" so that I know you have read through my directions.


Kĩ năng: Sản xuất hoạt họa, Tranh biếm họa & Phim hoạt hình, Minh họa, Illustrator, Thiết kế hình dán

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